Flirtatious Friday: The Quickie

As a mom of 2 1/2 yr old and a 1 yr old, finding time to have sex, outside of in the middle of the night, is next to impossible. What fun is that? Well it is still fun ;-), but who doesn’t want to have some fun at other times of the day?

Oftentimes, women especially, complain at how quickly their husbands move things. Slow down. More foreplay.

Can I tell you a secret? There is a bit of adrenalin rush when you are forced to be quick. When you are rushing because it just dawned on you that both kids are taking late naps and you are wasting time by eating dinner ;-). Eating can wait! You won’t get this opportunity too often. Quick! Hurry! To the room!

When I noticed the opportunity was upon us, I immediately looked at my husband and said, “We could be taking advantage of this time.” He of course was not about to argue!

I tell you this story, not to sicken you or make you wonder why I share too much, but to encourage you to find more time for quickies!

Wasn’t there a 7th Heaven episode like this? Was I the only one who loved that show??? This was all I could find about the episode (on a random rabbit trail… I just searched… WHY is this show not on Netflix???!!!).

Maybe you both need to “clean up” to go out, and grandparents are in the living room with the kids. Maybe they are caught up in their favorite show and mommy and daddy need to “talk” for a few minutes. If you have older children, I imagine you can make this happen even more. Think of the many ways! Just for fun and to change things up.

I did also find this rather spicy blog post about Quick Sex that offered some great locations and ideas! **I should state that I do not follow this blog, so I do not know what other things you may find on the site. I will say I am only speaking to married, heterosexual couples being exclusive, just in case it refers to anything else :).

Have you found great opportunities to have a quickie? 

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11 thoughts on “Flirtatious Friday: The Quickie

  1. I loved Friday’s post, “The Quickie.” During the years we had kids in the ‘middle years,’ meaning no babies, no toddlers, just kids who were more or less able to be left alone for short periods of time, we had a Sunday “nap” stand-by. This was a “nap” for us, not the kids, who had long outgrown them! Mom and Dad taking a nap after Sunday dinner was such a regular occurrence, the children didn’t really pay it much attention; they probably really liked the time because we left them watching a movie on VCR (that dates me, huh?) with the instructions that we did NOT want to be awakened for anything that did not involve blood or unconsciousness! Then we locked our bedroom door, turned on a loud fan and had some nice husband/wife time. Sometimes a nap followed, and we looked forward to our restful Sunday afternoons.

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