Thankful Thursday: Resurrection

Okay, so isn’t it sad that I almost avoided the obvious because it may be too cliché? Despite that, this is clearly worthy of thankfulness on this Thursday!

I am thankful for the Easter bunny, the eggs, all the candy… oh and Jesus. Wait. What?

It is so easy to get caught up in the year to year traditions and forget what we are celebrating. I too am very guilty of this. Having two small children, I found myself feeling like a bad mom for not preparing an elaborate Easter basket for them, but then I was reminded what are we really celebrating.

Now I know I could prepare a basket full of Christ-centered things, and I may try this in the future, but this year we are spending time with family as we remember the amazing sacrifice that Christ made for us.

Thank you, God, for sending your son. Often times I look at my boys, and my heart aches for the pain you went through. I cannot even begin to imagine how difficult it was to sacrifice your only son. And for who? People who didn’t even want you. Wow. I just don’t think I could ever do it. Thank you!

Thank you Jesus for becoming man so that you could walk in our shoes. You lived and walked among-st the very people who would betray you  and nail you up to die. You took on all our sins and felt every last pain of those sins. And for who? People who didn’t even want you. What a selfless act. Thank you!

Thank you Holy Spirit for putting my heart in check when I want to make Easter what it isn’t about. You fill my heart with thanksgiving and gratitude for the many blessings I have, all because of the sacrifice made for us. Without you, I would feel lost and alone. Thank you!

Death. Had to happen. Cruel and unusual after for all He had done for His people, but He knew it must be done. For me! For my husband! For my children! For you!

Life. Had to happen. He must live! Without life, the death would have been pointless. He died for our sins, but lives to show us we too can have life!

I am thankful for a full and wonderful life because of sacrifices made on my behalf. I didn’t ask for it, and I wouldn’t have known how to, but He did what He knew needed to be done.

What are you thankful for this Easter weekend?

This message is linked up with The Marathon Mom.


6 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Resurrection

  1. A great piece of work you have here My Friend. Thank you so very much for sharing it with all of us who care to study and gain knowledge from those who are willing to share what God has blessed them with. Continue to use the great gifts God as provided you with. Today, I leave you with my peace that we all may share in this great celebration that is unfolding right in front of our eyes.

  2. Beautiful. We don’t do Easter baskets…mainly because it would cost us a fortune (lol), but the kids really enjoy when we do the Resurrection Eggs. Have you seen those? They tell the story of Easter with the use of tiny symbols inside each egg….and a short story which explains each one.

    Have a blessed Easter!

  3. I think it’s important to make holidays fun. The christian life does not have to be filled with serious allegories and refrences. Finding an Easter basket does not have to go out along with Christmas presents. After all I am sure finding a basket of sweets can be related to the joy of finding Christ both literally and figuritively. It can also been seen as a celebration of those moments that every christian has when he/she feels Christ is so real almost palitable in his/her life. Find your joy. Remember your joy. Celebrate your joy. Find your Easter basket.

    • I believe it is important to have fun as Christians, but it is also important to explain and help your children understand what we are celebrating. I think you made a great connection between the baskets and how it can relate. I am simply stating we need to make sure to make those connections to our kids. Also, we shouldn’t beat our selves up when we cannot buy unnecessary things to celebrate our religious holidays. Thanks for your thoughts.

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