Flirtatious Friday: Toys

Well, here you go folks! I am laying it all out here 😉 I will do my best to not go into too much detail about us, but more of just the many options you have out there. I will tell you, I have my favorites!

OK, so as we begin, let me start with my purpose. I believe marriage is the most important relationship we can have on Earth and sex is a very important part of that relationship, for both the husband and the wife. Toys add variety, fun, and excitement, but only if both people are open to it and feel comfortable. Give it a try and don’t be afraid of new and different, but don’t push it on him if he is not ready. Also, make sure your husband understands the toys are not to replace him or because he does not satisfy you, they are only there to enhance the experience.

*Websites I list may have toys, pictures, and other material that I DO NOT condone. Please understand I am only listing them as a resource. 

Right before James I married, my girlfriends and I went to Condom Sense. Wow! We were in for a shock and had no idea what to expect. We were planning “fun parties” and planning for our own honeymoons. We wanted to make it special! We looked past the super vulgar items, and the items encouraging homosexuality, and found the fun in toys! Since being married, I’ve also been to Sara’s Secret and Cindie’s.

Bring on the toys…

The Screaming O Disposable Cockring


One of the cheapest and easiest toys to start with. Don’t forget the bullet to go inside. It goes over your husband and slides up to the top. As he is inside of you, the vibrations are there for your extra pleasure. It also helps your husband “last” longer. The bullet goes in the pocket at the top, if there is a pocket. There are many different types of rings as well as bullets. Find what you like best and enjoy!

 Lelo – Mia:

Lelo is a brand with many awesome vibrators, but this is one we own and love!! These are fun as teasers, use for foreplay, or as a supplement.

OK, so I do not have this YET, but it is on my wish list now! A friend of mine highly recommends it and said she found it on sale half price. I will be on the lookout now! It apparently works best during sex, so it allows for all the wonderful pleasures during intercourse. I am looking forward to learning and discovering more with this toy!

 There are SOOOO many other things out there. Way too many to mention, so check out the websites, or be daring and go to a store on your next date night, or surprise him with something fun!

Call the stores and find out if they have girl’s nights. They have food, tips, and discounts! Ask questions; don’t be afraid!

Do you have a favorite toy? Want to share, but don’t want to reveal who you are… email it to me and I will share it anonymously for you!


8 thoughts on “Flirtatious Friday: Toys

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    • I can always count on you to give me a great comment ;-)! I am not sure yet because it was recommended by a friend, but my understanding from her is that it is for the female during sex. Hope this helps some!

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