Thankful Thursday: Our Marriage Retreat

I am so in love with my husband! My goal each and every day is to be a great wife for him. He works so hard and provides for our family. I want to make his life easier.

This weekend, we are blessed to be able to attend Marriage Encounter! I am so excited about this! We get to stay in a HOTEL… ALL ALONE! My dad and his wife, Laurie, are taking the kids so we are able to enjoy this special time together.

This will be our first time away from Elias. I am a little nervous, to be honest, but it will be well worth it.

I firmly believe that the most important relationship we have, aside from with Christ, is with our spouse. My children need me to have a strong, loving relationship with my husband.

They need this Godly example for their lives as well. They will be married longer than they will live with me. A little sad for me to think of right now, but still true! The same is true for James and me; we will be married long after the kids move out. Because of this, we choose to build up our relationship. A lot of couples wait until things are going wrong, but we want it to be strong always.

I am so thankful for a husband who wants to build up our relationship. He is so amazing and is also excited about our time together! Two years ago we attended Weekend to Remember and had such a great time. I cannot wait to see how God moves in our marriage this weekend! I am so thankful!

Interested in attending one in your area? Check out their website here.

Have you attended Marriage Encounter or something similar?

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7 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Our Marriage Retreat

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