Flirtatious Friday: Let’s Talk About Sex


OK, so I thought I would share with you why I find it so important to talk about sex. I know many Christians who say that it is private and we should not talk about the subject, but guess what folks, everyone else is talking about it.

During our Marriage Encounter weekend, James and I talked about how we want our children to learn about sex from us. We want them to know it is a good thing, not something to fear or hand out loosely. We want them to know the importance of having one partner and how special that is to the relationship. We want them to learn the truth about sex, and not what they see on TV or in the movies.

The world around us has sex plastered EVERYWHERE! It is hard to look anywhere and not see sex posted or talked about. Innuendos are placed in kids’ movies and shows. So as Christians, shouldn’t we avoid the discussion so we stand out and are different? NO WAY! Why?!?!

God’s Word openly talks about sex as a wonderful and amazing gift for married couples! Youth in the church often hear about sex, but only to say don’t do it, you have to wait, that’s not for you. So then what happens? They get married and it’s difficult to then just get over that voice of no in their head. Well maybe not so much for the men 😉 but as a female I know it was something I had to overcome.

Anyway, I feel that as Christians we need to step it up and talk about how great it is… in a heterosexual MARRIED relationship… and stop being so hush-hush about it. The Bible talks about it, why can’t we?

I’m not saying we need to talk specific details with one another on a regular basis, I am simply saying we should be talking about how great it is and tips to make it the best. Our youth need to know it will be something they can enjoy one day, and how great it is rather than shoving down their throat not to do it all the time. Also, this encourages women to enjoy having sex with their husbands, because it is OK. I know that seems like a funny thought, but it’s true… many women feel what they are doing is wrong because it’s usually seen as slutty.

With pornography all over the place, it is easy, especially as a woman, to see certain acts as wrong or disgusting, but we must move past this. We must encourage one another and remind ourselves that within marriage the options are almost endless.

God is amazing and has given us such a wonderful gift. What a great way for us to show our love to one another and grow closer to each other.

What are you thoughts on talking about sex?

5 thoughts on “Flirtatious Friday: Let’s Talk About Sex

  1. “With pornography all over the place, it is easy, especially as a woman, to see certain acts as wrong or disgusting, but we must move past this. We must encourage one another and remind ourselves that within marriage the options are almost endless.”
    What? I thought I was supposed to have sex in the missionary position fully-clothed except for a tiny opening for. . .well. . .you know. Ha. Honestly though, great post. I think many Christian women have difficulties feeling inhibited in their sex lives with their husbands, and it is not easy to get past that.

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  3. Ok so I have to say going through all of your past blogs I can’t wait for you to start again! This topic I think is great for us all and I totally agree with what you are saying. I think becasue we don’t talk about it as women we do live in this idea that it is wrong and like stated above we have the idea Gods way is missionary and a lot of us think its for procreation only. I hade this crazy idea for such a long time.
    It is so not that at all God says we are one and this is truley the only way for us to come together and be one. There is no better feeling then when my husband and I come together and the feeling of love we share!!! Good for you for bringing this topic to light and giving us as women a place to talk to eachother and encourage eachother!!

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