Flirtatious Friday: Choosing TV Over Sex

I would never choose TV over sex!

So maybe it isn’t always TV. Maybe it’s reading, writing, crafting, sewing, etc. And maybe you are not specifically choosing that over sex, I didn’t think I was.

James and I enjoy staying up and watching our favorite TV shows before bed. We are night owls, so we stay up too late. I would often find myself “too” tired when we finally got in bed.

Then I started thinking about it… I am choosing TV over sex. If I am willing to lose sleep to watch our show, or do whatever activity I enjoy, I should also be willing to strengthen our marriage through our own special connection.

Our husbands show us their love through sex. It is a bond we have with no one else, and a great way to truly connect and bond with them! We should be willing to give up just about everything to strengthen our marriage. Sex holds such a strong importance in a marriage and can build up the relationship or tear it down.

Women tend to be more willing to put sex off if they are too tired or too busy. I believe this is a huge shame, that I too fail at often. My husband needs me to connect with him and believe it or not I NEED him in this way too.

When I let myself go and relax, and allow us to connect, I feel recharged. I feel empowered as a wife. I feel as though I satisfied my husband and that I am taking care of him. I feel loved. I am the only one that can and should connect with him like this, and that makes it more special.

God created this amazing gift for us, and I need to relax and enjoy it! I need to stop over thinking. Stop thinking, “but it’s so late. I need sleep and rest. Can’t we do it tomorrow? We will go to bed earlier and make it happen. I promise.”

Give in ladies! It’s worth it! Especially when you set your mind to do it and enjoy it! It’s way better than going in with the “fine, I’ll do it” attitude. Think about how he is expressing his love for you in this manner. He loves you so much and what a powerful way to show you. Watch him and think about it. It really is amazing!


One thought on “Flirtatious Friday: Choosing TV Over Sex

  1. That got me to thinking. I think on this point I will try your idea. Here is another idea. Have sex and then stay up and watch tv or whatever. Break the typical routine that sex comes last in the day.

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