Flirtatious Friday: Childless Weekends

As a parent who co-sleeps most nights, evenings away from the kids provide for lots of fun snuggle, etc. etc. time :-)!

Conner has stayed with my dad and Laurie before, but this will be our first time leaving Elias. It is bittersweet, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t SUPER excited!!!

James and I are attending a Marriage Encounter, which I posted about in my Thankful Thursday: Our Marriage Retreat post. I believe it is important to make time for just you and your spouse (and sometimes a nursing baby who is immobile: they sleep a lot)! For some, it may not be possible to get a whole evening, much less a weekend, but a few hours is better than nothing.

We are extremely fortunate to have most of our family within thirty minutes to three and a half hours. If you are not as fortunate, you might work something out with another couple with kids. You can trade-off date nights, that may or may not include a sleepover. Or maybe a trusted friend, who loves your kids almost as much as you do, wouldn’t mind giving some of their time.

Ahh… so a whole weekend! Guess I better refer to some of my posts 😉 like The Quickie or Games. And pack up some of our favorite toys and my sexy PJs I’ve been waiting to wear, you know, for when I don’t have a nursing baby hanging on to my boobs for dear life!

Do you have anything sexy planned for the weekend? Even if it is just after the kids go to bed (those are some fun times)!


2 thoughts on “Flirtatious Friday: Childless Weekends

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