Christians Can (and Should) Have Fun Sex Too

Shhh! You are not supposed to be talking about sex. This is a very private thing between a married couple that should not be discussed.

Wake up Christians! Everywhere I turn, the “world” is talking about sex. Guess what?!? So are we, except too often it’s, “Don’t do it, that’s only for marriage.” and the like.

When are we going to talk about the good side? When we CAN have it and how great it can and should be!

You know, My Plan for Progress: More SEX! was one of my most popular posts so far. That tells me one of two things: either you just wanted to see how detailed I would get ;-), or you wanted to make a plan too!

Let’s pretend you want to have fun too! Am I the only one? (since writing that post, and talking about it more, I’m excited to spice it up more, and do it MORE often!… Wow I’m opening up! Too much?)

So ladies, what do you say?!?! Are you up for it? I am!

I would like to state for the record: IM NO SEX EXPERT! I’m just a wife trying to make my man happy and enjoy sex too!”

Right before I got married, a friend of mine introduced me to a site for Christian wives and another one for Christian marriages. I had completely forgot about it until recently! I’m so glad I found it again… great encouragement and advice! 😉

While doing some research ;-), I found this great article Sexual Intimacy in Marriage – 10 Ways Christian Wives Can Avoid Whoopees. I’ll leave it at that.

Me and some of my girlfriends also used to go to Cindie’s every first Monday of the month. They have a fun girls’ night where they offer tips, give gifts and discounts, have snacks, and even end in a pole dancing lesson! Lots of fun, and naturally would send us home excited and ready to try something new! *Forewarning: this is not a Christian environment, so I do not agree with or condone some of the ideas they may mention, but there are many good things to be taken from the class.

Another friend of mine suggested a book, that I still NEED to purchase, called 101 Places to Have Sex! Doesn’t that just scream fun?!!!

Ok, so I feel like I could go into more, but I fear it may be too much for now! (especially to my poor mother who follows my blog 😉 Nah! I’ve given her two grandchildren SO FAR; she had to know its going on!)

What do you think? Are you interested in more on this topic?

To give suggestions or feedback anonymously, please email I will not reveal your identity if I use your suggestion or offer your advice. 


8 thoughts on “Christians Can (and Should) Have Fun Sex Too

  1. The book, “Love Your Husband, Love Yourself” by Tyler girl, Jennifer Flanders, was so convicting to me (grandmother though I am) that I would want to wake my husband up at night which is when I’d read it! She talks about her struggles with sex and babies and tiredness and having to wake up early, etc. That wasn’t the stage of life I was in when I read it, but it was so convicting anyway because she really addressed the selfishness of the kind of thinking that says, “I’m too tired. He ALWAYS wants sex!” or “I’ve got to get up at 2 a.m. with the baby while he’ll be sleeping soundly!” and other lies we tell ourselves. Highly recommend the book.

  2. I love this! You had me giggling in agreement! I think there is a phobia for Christians about discussing their sex lives. I think it is a really important part of marriage. If you follow the concept of love languages, sex is essential to a loving relationship between husband and wife! More on this subject is my vote!

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