Flirtatious Friday: Games

When we got married, I remember thinking how fun games could be! We got several at my “fun” shower, and we bought at least one or two ourselves.

Let’s be honest. When you first get married, are you really playing games? No way! You are exploring. Figuring out how everything works… well those of us who waited until we got married.

Moving past the honeymoon, we finally started trying out a few games, that was of course, pre-kids :-). We co-sleep a lot of the time, so we must make a little more effort to have sex. Games? Rare for us at this stage in our marriage, except of course the rare weekends we get to get away, or the kids stay at Papa and Lauli’s.

Can we talk about the deck of cards with positions? Am I the only one who thinks this is ridiculous?!?! So we decide to get the cards out. How do you play? Guess we will just draw a card and do that one. <draw card> WOW! Can anyone do that position? <draw another card> How in the world does he hold her like that without falling over? Well yeah. You get the idea. Come on. My personal opinion, if you want different position options, buy one of the MANY Kama Sutra books out there! We personally avoid the books with actual people posing.

Moving on, we have tried out several games. We’ve found we really don’t like a lot of them. Many times there is not much to the game, very little foreplay, before you draw the, “have sex” card. We could have skipped the game and did our own thing for that matter, but I am all about spicing things up and trying new stuff out!

A friend of ours gave us one game we have grown to enjoy, called Sexy Housewives! This game is sure to rev things up in the bedroom! We don’t get to play often, but when we have, we enjoyed the time and it kept things moving without jumping the gun ;-).

Foreplay dice are another simple game you can play. Not much to it. Pretty simple really. But they do add some fun and can offer a change to routine. One die has a verb (such as lick, kiss, etc.) and the other die is a location on the body (such as ear, neck, etc.)

I am no sex game expert by any means. I haven’t tried them all, and different people like different things.

Have you found any amazing games out there?

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