My Micro Preemie: Elias’ Birth Story

As written on February 11, 2011… (some specific details u may or may not want to know. This is your warning.)

So I had a csection last time & wanted a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) this pregnancy. I was successful just not as planned.

Monday, February 7, 2011: getting ready for school felt like a large leak of water & discharge. Had to change my clothes. Cried to James cuz I wasn’t sure what was happening & felt gross but had to go to work. Umm so let’s just say my feminine products were not adequate throughout the day. Rushed home to get in pjs. Not sure what was going on but figured it must be normal. Midwife thought I must be getting an infection. Tried to sleep but was unsuccessful.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011: discharge was still very heavy but not as much leaking water. Still felt very disgusting but had to go to work. Had a few blood drops but not a lot so we weren’t too concerned. Still felt awful & worried but figured I was overreacting. Again not a lot of sleep.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011: ice day so no school!!! Thank goodness for getting rest! Feeling better but not myself completely. Still discharge a lot.

Thursday, February 10, 2011: 1ish AM… Woke up feeling some stomach cramps. By 4:30 or so… Pretty sure I was having contractions but thought for sure I was crazy. Tried to sleep through the pain but they were coming about 5 to 10 minutes a part. Officially got up at 655 & took a shower to get ready to go to work. 745 lying on couch trying to figure out what was going on. Decided James needed to drive me to work & we should call dr. On the way to sch we decided I was in too much pain to stay at work so I’d just write a note for a sub. 830 dr told us to come to her office first. By this time contractions were getting much more intense. A LOT of lower back pain! And much closer together. Told head of dept I wasn’t feeling well so I needed to leave. Long drive to office. Thought, “if this is what Braxton hicks feel like(maybe since I had csec) I’m never having kids again! :-)” this was crazy pain to have to deal with for 15 more weeks.

9ish or so… Sat in traffic, got lost in downtown, thought about killing husband to ease the pain lol, decided he needed to drive so not a good idea. We sat in waiting room for what seemed like FOREVER!!!! finally they took me back. We heard baby’s heartbeat. I cried relief he was ok. They said he was moving a lot. Contractions were intense & close. Dr came in to give exam. Yep you’re dilating. U will prob have a baby today.


What!?! “yeah prob before this afternoon.” she quickly got sono machine to verify he was head down. Confirmed not much water around baby. Water broke Monday. She checked again. U r at a 7 we need to hurry. James went to get car. I got dressed quickly. She made me feel much better by telling me vaginal birth! Laid down in back seat as we circled around building twice because nurse missed turn. Sensation to push starting. Finally arrived. Began walking to door cuz no wheelchair waiting & I told James if we didn’t hurry baby would be born in back seat.

Finally got to room. Me: I feel like I need to push. Nurses: don’t. Just breathe through it. Moved me to operating room for more space. Lots of ppl. Calling nicu. Assuring everyone dr Graham said vag delivery. Me: really need to push. Them: don’t. Just breathe through it. James was getting in scrubs. They were waiting on nicu. Finally I said I can’t wait. One push & he was out. He was crying!!!! It was great to hear!!! Nurse ran over to grab him since no one was there. James had just walked in door. Just me & baby πŸ™‚ dr hadn’t made it to hospital yet. I apologized that I couldn’t wait. Everyone assured me it was fine. Dr finally arrived & was great. She made sure they gave me the right things I needed.

They brought him by my bed to see him but i was barely awake cuz they had just given me something. And he was all wrapped up so I couldn’t see him. But he was beautiful. Went back to room. By 12 they came by with a scrapbook!!! It was great. He was born at 11 am & was 1 lb 12 oz & 13 1/4 in long & doing well. They gave us updates & explained how this is going to work. I was able to get up & go to bathroom. This was amazing since last time w/ csec this didn’t happen.

Um so I just gave birth!?!?! What!?!?! Began calling family. “You are joking right?” “What!?!” um so your shocked!?! I just did it!!! So what’s today’s date!?!

Ppl started arriving around 1 maybe?? Got to go see baby for first time like up close at 2 I think. This is when it hit me. Broke down. He’s so tiny. He’s in good care but still has a fight. He’s strong! Feisty as they put it. I pray he is!!!! I mean, he is my son. So it’s expected right πŸ˜‰

We r in for a long few months. Prayers are definitely needed!!!! But Elias was ready & he came!

Conner didn’t want to come out. Stubborn! Elias couldn’t wait. Stubborn! Pray for me lol!!! With my two stubborn boys! Already competing for best birth story πŸ™‚

Much love,
Burns’ boys’ Mom!

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13 thoughts on “My Micro Preemie: Elias’ Birth Story

  1. Thanks for sharing this as way to look back! The Lord has watched over Elias through it all and he is a strong and engaging young man πŸ™‚

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