When Should Schooling Start?

One of the best things about staying home with my kids is that I get to teach them so much!! And teach them about real life, not just textbook stuff.

But wait… they are only 2 1/2 and 1?!?

I feel sad when I hear parents talk about getting rid of the kids so they can finally clean. Now don’t get me wrong, I totally get that some things get cleaned MUCH faster without the kids’ help and MUCH better, but the child is missing out on a wonderful learning experience here. These same parents cannot understand why their kids don’t want to clean or help around the house. Or when these kids don’t know what to do when they go away to college or live on their own.

Ok, off that soapbox and on to my life 🙂

So, I intend to homeschool my children, but I am loving that I can see that I am already doing this in everyday life! Conner is a HUGE help with the laundry and dishes and has been for a while now.

Now I must admit that he has gotten a lot better over the last few months, but that is because we started practicing so young. Even just the little things he can do, teach him so much! And we make it fun! I try not to complain about having to do the chores.

Imagine what I can teach my children by finding joy in taking care of my home and my family. If they see me having fun while doing laundry, they too will have fun. I am also teaching them responsibility.

Parents who work outside the home can still teach these same lessons by getting the kids involved in the chores very early on.

Ok, but wait! What does this have to do with schooling?

Good question!

Schooling is the act of teaching. Teaching life skills and manners are just as important as math, science, english, and history. I try to incorporate the textbook lessons into my life lessons. We count out pairs of socks as we do laundry. I show him that he has two pairs and added another one so now he has three.

Is this too much for him? No way! Does he even know what I am saying? Probably not, but he will learn!

How else will our children learn if we do not begin talking them through these steps now.

So, yeah, I am a math teacher at heart, but I don’t sit down and force my children to add all the time :). I just do little things throughout the day.

I teach him to count by counting to 15 or 20 while we hold the wet rag on his temporary tattoos (which he gets by going on the potty!). We also sing the alphabet as we wash our hands. These are just little steps we are taking.

But even in all this, it is important for kids to be kids! We have lots of fun and play lots! I want my children to prosper, but I will not put them in preschool super early (or at all since I want to homeschool, but if I wasn’t…) so that they can be the smartest kids ever. I want them to have a childhood and they will naturally learn as we go.

I can sense that some of you are worried I am on the path to unschooling. Nope. Just on the path to teaching them early but only through natural steps and little things at a time.

My children don’t need to be reading at one year 🙂 or saying all the presidents and vice presidents names by two. They need to be kids having fun and learning little steps at a time.

So, what’s my point?

I want my kids to learn, just like the rest, but I want them learning responsibility and manners, and a few textbook things as we go. We have plenty of time for all the “tough” stuff.


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