Thankful Thursday: My Parents

I am so incredibly thankful for the support and help that my parents are to me and my family!

Both my mom and Laurie (step-mom) have watched the boys during the day so I can work small jobs I have had. Most recently, they have agreed to help me with the boys when I start a small part-time job soon… the job is also a blessing because I am able to bring the boys with me!!

Dad and Laurie have watched the boys overnight on a few weekends so James and I can have time for ourselves. My mom watches them occasion so we can go out on dates. Because of their generosity, and love of our boys, we are able to have some husband and wife time without the kids! We appreciate this time more than they can imagine!

When we bought our house as a foreclosure two years ago, our intentions were to sell after 2-3 years and make a profit. Selling the house will allow us to pay off ALL of our school and medical debt and save some for the next house!

My parents have been great through the process. Both sets agreed we could move in with them until we find our next place. My dad is going to help us put in bamboo flooring, and Laurie is going to watch the boys.

I feel certain I am forgetting countless other things they have done for us over the years, such as helped us financially, helped us move, stayed up all night through Conner’s birth, prayed and helped us through Elias‘ hospital stay, bought diapers, etc., etc., etc., I know this list goes on and on and on and on again!

We are blessed by them daily! I love them so much! Thank you Mom, Dad, and Laurie for everything! I cannot thank you enough for how amazing you have been to my family, and of course all the many years before I had my own family!

Don’t worry, the in-laws will get their post soon! They have also been a huge blessing to us!

How have your parents been a blessing to your family?


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