Touchy Topic: Pro- It Is Not Your Choice

So, it is unbelievable to me that this could possibly be a touchy topic. My heart breaks at the thought that more than 40% of all women will have an abortion at some point in their life.

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. Before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations. Jeremiah 1:5

God clearly talks about His love for His children, and that He knew us even before we were formed. There is even a story about punishing those who hurt a pregnant woman causing death to her unborn child. I guess these verses really only argue to the Christians why abortions are wrong.

I find it unfathomable that any Christian can be in favor of this horrible death. This is not a lack of open-mindedness on my part, but rather it is a fight against a life that is formed being taken away through murder. How terrible that anyone thinks they have the right to decide if the precious baby being formed has importance in this world.

OK, what about the non-Christian?

Here you can see the milestones of early life. At 21 days after conception the heart has already started beating! That is only 3 weeks! Most people don’t even know they are pregnant by that point. How in the world can you claim there is no life there?

My sweet Elias was born at just 25 1/2 weeks. I had not even entered into my third trimester. He was only 1 lb 12 oz.

Look at how sweet this precious life is! He could live even being born this early! Some babies have been born as early as 20 weeks and survived. Obviously there is life here.

To those who argue, “What about those who are raped?”

This is such a tiny percentage. In fact, I read in more than one place that only 1% of abortions are because of rape or incest.

To those who argue, “What about birth defects?

First let me start by saying, how do we really know this? I get that technology has come a long way at detecting things, but I’ve heard several stories of people who were told their babies would have defects or wouldn’t survive birth, and the baby was born healthy, free of defects. Having said that, who are we to determine they cannot have a wonderful life, or contribute a great deal to the world? Also, “potential” health concerns only contribute to about 6% of abortions. Again, a small number.

So, the remaining, whopping 93%?!?!

As a woman who has now suffered two miscarriages, it was difficult to not think of those who choose to abort. I felt sad, empty, brokenhearted, and destroyed. I want my babies! How can other people CHOOSE to abort?!? Also, I could not take any sympathy from anyone who is pro-choice. How can you agree it is not life and therefore Ok to abort, but also tell me you are sorry for my loss? What loss? According to the pro-choice it is not a life, and so it is not death.

OK, so it is not my place to judge. I simply want to encourage those of us who are pro-life to do something about abortions, and encourage those who are pro-choice to think about why they see these little children as disposable.

Have you already had or do you know someone who has had an abortion? There is forgiveness in store for those! You/They do not have to hold onto the pain and guilt. I serve a big God who takes away all our pain and sorrows. He restores us and makes us new! How amazing!!

See what a beautiful life these precious babies are missing…

So what can we do to fight against abortion?


8 thoughts on “Touchy Topic: Pro- It Is Not Your Choice

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  2. I still can’t believe how little Elias was! I wholeheartedly concur with this post. With all the technology we now have being able to hear & see the young babies in the womb, anyone who still thinks that baby is not a living person is lying to themselves.

  3. Yes…this is one of my most passionate missions! There is so much we can do. Of course there are things we can do at the legislative level, but in order to make change, it begins in the hearts. One amazing and effective way to see God change hearts is at a Crisis Pregnancy Center. I counceled and served on the board at Agape Pregnancy Center for 11 years. Daily, I saw God work in the hearts of these young ladies. Often times, it’s a matter of education. Many have bought into the lies of the culture…..and giving someone the right information can turn things around. Ultrsound is probably the biggest tool we used in the center. As soon as an abortion-minded woman saw her fully formed baby on the screen…as opposed to a “piece of tissue”, her mind was changed! Many centers do not have ultrasounds machines…or can;t afford an ultrasound tech. If one can’t counsel in a center…..we must support the centers that are trying to save lives. More funding equals more material, equippment, and staff. We all can seek out our local pregnancy center and offer our prayers and financial support! 🙂

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