It’s the Simple Things

Valentine’s Day!

Such a sweet day to remind us to show our love to one another. We should be doing this daily; showing Christ’s love to everyone, everywhere we go, but just in case we need a reminder… Valentine’s Day!

The first few years James and I were together, we would switch every other year who would plan the fun-filled evening. This made things fun and allowed us each the chance to surprise one another.

Since having children things have changed some.

Last year, we had a weekend planned. Dad and Laurie were going to watch Conner over night for the first time. How exciting! Then Elias decided to surprise us and arrived 14 1/2 weeks early. With his arrival, they still took Conner, but it was not the romantic weekend we had planned. Instead we were in the hospital and trying to come to terms with our new normal, for however long that was going to last.

Move forward a year. I decided not to return to teaching this year so I could stay home with my boys. This has drastically changed our income and therefore changed our mindset on how to celebrate certain occasions, such as Valentine’s Day.

We enjoy finding fun ways to celebrate occasions together as a family! Together we have felt a conviction about making plans without the kids, so now we enjoy being together, rather than dread that we aren’t alone. And let’s face it, as the family grows, it will be much harder to find time away alone, so instead we embrace life as a family!

Ok, so over the last 3 weeks, I’ve been ill with mastitis, found out I was pregnant, went on a brief bed rest, miscarried by dear baby , and Elias came down with strep. I have not been myself, as to be expected.

Cleaning hasn’t happened, except when my mom, and my dad’s wife came over and helped around the house and to take care of me and the boys. Most days I have lived on the couch, under my blanket, surrounded by everything I could need so I didn’t have to move, in only pajama pants and t-shirts.

So, I was not mom of the year this Valentine’s Day. I didn’t plan anything great. Today was one of the first days in a long time that I felt like cleaning or doing anything around the house, but Elias still wanted a lot of attention. He is starting to do better, so I can at least put him down for little bits of time.

This afternoon I decided I needed to do something, even if small and simple, to show my husband I love him and I can and will pull it together.

So I decided to get dressed! Like in clothes! How about a cute skirt?!? I know we aren’t going out, but I wanted to look cute for him. Can’t wear a skirt with hairy legs. Oh don’t pretend to be grossed out! I know I am not the only one who puts this off when I’m sick or down, or it’s winter, or I just don’t want to shave, or…. you get the idea. πŸ˜‰ So I needed to shower and shave. Screaming baby sitting outside the door and all, I went for it. I was going to wear a skirt!

I am going to make the bed! I used to do this daily, as soon as I got up, but I haven’t cared. It’s simple, but I am going to do it.

What about the laundry? Laurie, my dad’s wife, put most of it away yesterday (thank you so much for that and everything!), but there were still a few things to hang. I could do that!

The dishes are clean? OK. I can put those away. Opened it up to find that most of it was put away, oh well… I’ll finish!

TV tray by the couch is full of tissues from the boys runny noses. Cleaned that off and put it away so it will stop gathering more stuff.

SUPERMAN tattoos! I forgot I had these. I need one and so does Conner! James will love this!

Ok, so maybe most of that was more for me than him. I felt much better, even though it was small steps, in cleaning the house for my husband. Did he notice? Not really, but I feel better πŸ™‚ and I enjoy taking care of him. OH, he DID notice the tattoos and the sweet card I had for him (bought it a few years ago and hid it, and kept forgetting about it lol).

What did he do? Instead of going out just the two of us for a fancy steak dinner, my husband surprised us with steaks, that were on sale, and prepared them for us as a family! Oh and of course a chocolate cake that Conner is sooo excited to enjoy!

We are enjoying our very simple, and sweet Valentine’s Day. Together. As a family.

What simple things do you do to celebrate special occasions as a family?


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