The Long Awaited Infertility Appointment: Part 1

June 17th is finally here. My appointment with the infertility doctor is today.

I kept myself busy as I waited for my husband to get home to go with me. Decided we needed to clean out some clothes!

What will he say? Will he give me hope or discouraging news? Will we just talk or will he do some testing?

Cannot wait to find some answers.

We take the long walk down the hall. I tell my husband it’s so nice to not be doing this walk alone as I have the last (at least) three times. His busy schedule makes it difficult to attend with me. This appointment was set up with his schedule in mind.

Out the elevator and through the open entry way. Yup. No door. Fun. You get to sit in the infertility waiting room, right by the elevators, with nothing hiding you. AND… a perfect view to the door where all the pregnant and new moms are coming in and out.

We sign in. Already discouraging news. The receptionist tells me my insurance may not cover some of this. She tells us let’s wait and see what the doctor wants us to have tested and go from there.

We sit down.

Now we are waiting with another couple and woman. No one looks happy. Everyone has a look full of questions and no answers. A couple leaves with the look of how I feel. Will we ever have another baby.

Moms with multiple kids come off and on the elevator. Pregnant women anxiously going to their appointments. I watch as the door to my other office constantly opens as happy moms leave into bliss. All full of smiles.

We wait…


3 thoughts on “The Long Awaited Infertility Appointment: Part 1

  1. it looks like we live near one another perhaps? I am going through the same ordeal, only we haven’t had any children yet! it is oh so painful and I completely understand your first appointment anxiety. Thank you for sharing your journey here. In the days to come I will be doing the same thing once I get over the shock of our 4th negative (1st with 150mg clomid and ovidrel injection though)….if you’d like, we should keep in touch with one another. having someone who gets it certainly helps!

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