Thankful Thursday: My Daddy


All week, I had in mind a completely different post for today’s Thankful Thursday post, but yesterday I decided it needed to change.




Today I attended the funeral of a daddy. Daddy to a good friend of mine.




When I found out he had lost his battle with cancer, my heart broke to pieces. Pieces for my friend’s loss. Pieces for this family’s heartbreak. Pieces thinking of this daddy’s girl losing her daddy.




I am a daddy’s girl! I love my daddy so much! I cannot imagine losing him. My heart breaks harder.




While I have the gift (sometimes questionably a gift) of empathy, my heart broke more knowing this was a daddy.




This post is not meant to be a downer, but a reminder. A reminder to be thankful for our sweet daddies! The hard work they put in to provide a home and food for us. The love they give to us, that only a daddy can do. Protecting us from harm. Tucking us in at night.




How appropriate right before Father’s Day.




My daddy! I love him so much! He worked so hard for us when I was growing up. He taught me to brown hamburger meat. I remember spaghetti being his specialty. We connected over fishing trips, NASCAR, Dallas Stars’ games, the Dallas Cowboys, and Texas Rangers/Kansas City Royals games. He loves his sports.




Daddy would get up very early to go fishing. I remember getting to go on a few of these trips, although I am sure he and his brother would have rather I stayed home haha! He would help me put the minnows on the hook and then throw out my line. I don’t remember catching much, but that didn’t matter. I was with my daddy!




Growing up, he was a Dale Earnhardt fan and I was a Terry Labonte fan. We would “fight” over who was going to win the race and tease each other about our drivers. After my parents split up and he had moved out, our NASCAR races were few and far between. I remember February 18, 2001 very well. My dad and I got to watch the race together for the first time in a long time. Dale Earnhardt was known for his taps πŸ˜‰ and working hard to win. That day he was working hard to help Michael Waltrip and his son, Dale Earnhardt Jr, get first and second place. He wrecked holding the rest of the drivers back. I remember teasing dad about his driver wrecking and being taken off by ambulance (what we both assumed was just a precautionary measure but that he was fine). I went back to my moms as soon as the race ended. I remember my friend Krystle calling me to see if I had heard about the NASCAR driver that had died. Confused, since I had watched the race and no one died, I was devastated to hear Dale Earnhardt had not survived.




I called daddy.




That was a hard day for us. NASCAR was never the same for us.




On a lighter note, I remember daddy taking me to Dallas Stars hockey games! He would get tickets from people at work and we would get to go to the games. We had so much fun! One time, he had tickets but I had homework to do and chose to stay home and let my little sister go. That night they came home with the BIGGEST smiles on their faces. They had got some of the BEST seats. Right on the glass barriers. They won a prize that was dropped from the air. Bummed! I missed the best game, but I am sure those are some of my sisters best memories πŸ™‚ My teacher, the next day, told me he would have skipped doing the homework. Haha! But he wouldn’t have let me make it up :-/




My love for football is strong because of my daddy. We are still hanging on that THIS (as we do every year, although daddy is losing more and more faith) is our year. The Dallas Cowboys are Super Bowl champions and will be again! We will stay strong and hold on to that each season. We have never been to a game 😦 BUT we will make this happen! Emmitt Smith will always be my favorite!




And then there is baseball. Growing up in Arlington, Texas, I had to be a Texas Rangers fan. Obviously! I mean the stadium is right there. We have been to many games, mostly when they play the Kansas City Royals. Just as any great daddy’s girl would do, I cheered for the Royals at these games. Daddy would give me a hat to wear so that everyone knew, we were there for the Royals. Honestly, I am a Rangers fan, but the Royals will always have a special place in my heart, and I will always wish the best for them, and occasionally cheer them on!




I love my daddy and our great memories.




As a child, I remember pulling the covers up over my head. Why you ask? Well, because I knew that daddy would come in and check on me. If he saw the covers pulled up over my head, he would come in and pull them down to make sure I was ok. How sweet! What a sweet picture of a daddy who cares for his daughter and wants to make sure she is safe.




All grown up now. I am still a daddy’s girl. I love my daddy and do not get to spend enough time with him. My family and I have had the wonderful fortunate of getting to stay with him and his wife right now between homes. I am ready for my own home and space again, but can I be honest? I am really enjoying getting to see him everyday.




I love our talks and our love for home renovations. We could watch the DIY and HGTV channel for hours and talk about how we could do that to our homes. He helped us put in our wood floors at our previous home. I LOVED working with him on this project! Such a great time to talk and just be together doing something we both love doing, home renovations. I have dreams of us flipping houses together some day.




Oh and my boys! Oh how he loves my boys! I just LOVE watching him interacting with Conner and Elias. So sweet! He loves them so much and loves taking him to his favorite places – Home Depot, Lowe’s, The Bass Pro Shop, Cabella’s.




Today my dear friend had to say goodbye to her daddy. She reminded us to cling tight to our daddies and take no Father’s Day for granted. You never know when it may be their last. I write this post in remembrance of her daddy and to honor mine.




I love you daddy!





One thought on “Thankful Thursday: My Daddy

  1. Sunday’s sermon really made me sad thinking about girls who have not been blessed with awesome daddies like Cassie, you and I! One thing is for sure we have the best FATHER in our Lord and I thank HIM for my wonderful worldly daddy he gave me. Thanks for the note Tiffany and if you read this Cassie just remember how blessed you were to have been a Daddy’s girl!

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