The Long Awaited Infertility Appointment: Part 2


Did you read The Long Awaited Infertility Appointment: Part 1?

Waiting, waiting, waiting…

They finally call us back.

Nurse Candy came to get me. She took my weight, up 10 pounds from my wedding day weight. I’m not surprised since the move was time consuming and stressful, I haven’t worked out since I packed everything in storage (I know that’s a lame excuse), and 5 of those have just been in the last 3 weeks since the miscarriage. I’m not intentionally eating and drinking my sorrows away, but I think sonic half price shakes and cherry cokes have been some of my comfort. Even writing that makes me want to run out and get one.

She took my vitals and asked what was going on. I told her I’ve had four miscarriages since the birth of my second son.

Candy was super encouraging. She said she felt good that the insurance would pay since it is to find out what is wrong and not fertility treatments to get me pregnant. She also encouraged us that Dr. DeLeon is really good at doing the right tests to find out what is wrong.

Once she left us, the real waiting game started. We probably waited a good 45 minutes before the doctor came in.

Good thing I brought my live, one man comedian! My husband is so cheesy but I should admit his sense of humor won my heart! We had some special sweet teases. Maybe some out of awkwardness from having to come see a infertility specialist and not knowing what to expect. Nonetheless, it was nice to have a few minutes to talk and laugh just the two of us. I tried to talk to him about a blog series I want to start soon, but that was almost pointless :-). His attention span is less than a 6 week old puppy. I’m not much better so this always makes for a good time.

Anyways, now to what you care about. The doctor took us out of the room and into his office. He told us about the three different tests we can do: 1. Genetic testing 2. Autoimmune 3. And suddenly we don’t remember this one 😉 but we think something to do with progesterone.


He said with me miscarrying so early he highly doubted the autoimmune test would come back negative. That seemed like a good thing because he talked like that was a lot harder to take care of.

He did prepare us that we may get lots of negatives at first and it will be frustrating because we want answers, but he encouraged us too. He said since we have two kids already that odds are in our favor we will be successful again!! And I was clearly fertile so that was good too!

We have to wait until 6 weeks after the miscarriage before we do the tests because if I still show up positive it could mess up the results. Then 2-3 weeks for results to come in.

So now we wait again. Wait to see what the insurance will cover. Wait until I’m for sure no longer pregnant. And then wait until the testing can be done and results can come in.

I knew today wouldn’t be the end. I knew we wouldn’t walk away with answers. I had hoped to go ahead and do some testing but what’s the hurry now I guess.

I did go over to the other office to see if they wanted to take another test to check my HCG levels. They asked me to wait while they went to ask. Catheline, my favorite midwife at the clinic, and who I’ve seen many times before but was out of town when I miscarried, came into their office. I hear her asking, “Where is Tiffany?!” I stood up. She looked at me and you could tell, she was heartbroken for me. She sympathized with me. I walked over and she immediately said she was so sorry. She made me feel so important and special. Like I was the only person that mattered in that office. She told me she wanted to test me today and also get a follow up appointment set up with me. I felt so important to her.

As we walked out into the parking lot, I told James, how easy it was for her to make me feel so special. We spend so much time wondering how to make a difference in people’s lives. All she did was look at me with kindness. With a look that she truly cared. She focused only on me and no one else for just a few short moments. She took time out of her busy schedule to stop, find me, and tell me she was so sorry. How can we make people around us feel this special?

Anyways, I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for joining along with me.

Have you had to be tested for any of these things?


2 thoughts on “The Long Awaited Infertility Appointment: Part 2

  1. Love you my friend, I love that we are able to stay updated via your blog. More waiting…waiting for tests… for home to sale….to buy your home, you’re becoming quite the expert at waiting. Praising God every bit of the way

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