The 30-Minute Day

So today was a full day home! No trips anywhere! I had a lot (in my mind) that I wanted to get done.

Have you done that before? Made a list in your head, or maybe even on paper.

Did you get everything done?

If you’re anything like me then – nope! Especially if I didn’t write anything down. At least I get a few more done when I make a list.

Today I decided to make it different. I was determined to get most of my list accomplished.

After breakfast, our Proverbs reading, checking email, Facebook, and some play time with the boys, I pulled out a pad of paper and a pen. I went to work!

Everything was going to be in 30 minute blocks.

11:30 – 12: Scentsy thank you cards and pay for a craft show spot

12 – 12:30: laundry

12:30 – 1: workout

1 – 1:30: lunch

1:30 – 2: clean kitchen

2 – 2:30: pack up for tomorrow’s Scentsy show & finish thank you cards

2:30 – 3: lay down with boys

3 – 3:30: clean kitchen floors and/or bathroom

3:30 – 4: shower and clean up for tonight

How did it go?!? I did EVERYTHING except the kitchen floors/bathrooms. I also did a couple other things I forgot about and of course the kids don’t follow the schedule, since they are 2 and 3 1/2, so my times got off some.

But you know what?! I’m very happy! I made a schedule and I stuck to it. I got a lot done today! Instead of my husband coming home, and me apologizing for not doing as much as I had hoped, I was happy and he was happy! He could see my progress and I felt good!

Oftentimes, either the laundry or the workout slacks. Something (well probably lots of somethings) gets missed or I just don’t have time for it all.

Success! My 30-minute schedule worked! I will do it again!

Was your day as successful?


Thankful Thursday: Computer Time






I have been writing blogs in my head, but didn’t have a computer to write them on. This is not good for a blogger. I did make some good notes on my phone and will get them all out on the computer very soon. 


Two days ago I wrote about His Rib coming back, and then my computer cord died. Of course! So I know what you were thinking, “Yeah yeah… sure! But she hasn’t even written another post since that one.”


I assure you they are coming. I am writing and I am loving it. Computer time, for blogging that is, is something I very much enjoy and it allows me to get out all the crazy thoughts and plans in my head.


My time is precious. I have two sweet boys and a husband who want my time! And computer time… well that is MY time!! This is my chance to have a bit of a break and really “get out” of the world of cleaning, laundry, cooking, taking care of children and husband, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. BUT I LOVE that world… so what do I do? I write about it!!! Hehehe! 


You know what else? Since I write about my life, I learn how to do that life – MY LIFE – better!! So yeah, this takes away some time for them, but I use my computer time to make our lives better. I am so thankful for that opportunity!  The opportunity to even have a computer. The opportunity to have internet access. The opportunity to make time to make plans. The opportunity to release my ideas and thoughts, even the crazy ones!!


What are you thankful for today?



Menu-Planning: 7/2/12










Monday: Turkey Chili

Tuesday: Nachos

Wednesday: Steak for the 4th!

Thursday: Grilled Chicken

Friday: Stovetop Lasgna

Saturday: Pork Chops

What’s on your menu?

Menu-Planning: 6/25/12








Monday: Pork Chops

Tuesday: Tacos

Wednesday: Left Overs

Thursday: Panera

Friday: Barbell Burgers… We didn’t get to these last week, so they are back on for this week!

Saturday: Steak!

What’s on your menu?

Menu-Planning: 5/21/12

Ok so I actually made this on Tuesday and “posted” it. I haven’t been on the computer since then and just saw it never posted! Ugh… here it is!

We are busy, busy people getting our house ready to sell. Unfortunately I have slacked up on my blog and my menu :-/ So here we go… finally! (that was on Tuesday since I didn’t post it on Monday!)


French Toast






Crackers and Tuna


Monday: Breakfast for dinner – Eggs and French Toast

Tuesday: Chicken Nuggets (hubby is making)

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Ribs

Friday: BBQ Chicken Legs

Saturday: Picnic for lunch and Eating Out for dinner

What are you eating this week?

Thankful Thursday: P90X

A complete P90X home gym - All of the standard...

A few months after Conner was born, I decided to invest in P90X to help kick my tail in gear. I love watching The Biggest Loser, but I never want to be a contestant! I also want to be healthy for my husband and kids.

A better me makes me a better wife and mom! I also need a lot energy to keep up with these three boys and this house!

When I first saw P90x I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, and it might push me harder than I had ever been pushed. You see… I was the kid in jr. high and high school that asked which class could I take to replace my PE credit :). I enjoyed playing sports in general, and played soccer in high school, but the idea of PE class freaked me out.

Once I got into college, I had a gym on campus. I loved this! It was easy access and I could go and do whatever I wanted. So now, in the real world, I needed something convenient for me, especially with a little baby and the baby weight to get rid of. So P90X here I came!

I had done other workout videos before, and they were good, but this had variety and offered an excellent schedule that would transform me in 90 days. Some teenage boys at church told me they didn’t last a week, this motivated me more! There is nothing I love more (well that’s not true, but I do love it!) than a challenge and to show up some teenage boys who were in pretty good shape!

So I started that summer, and 76 days later I looked and felt amazing! I only lost between 5-10 pounds (I don’t remember sorry!), but I was wearing a smaller clothes and felt AWESOME!!! Everyone could tell a difference in my face and other body features. I felt confident and energized! It was definitely worth the hour in each day.

I ended up stopping at 76 days because I started teaching again, which took over my life, and I got pregnant with my sweet Elias! Moving forward, since Elias was born I have done some of the workouts in general, but I was trying to figure out my new life with two and where to fit in working out.

These last several months have been hard on me and my body. I lost Hope on February 7, 2012 and Jonah on April 19, 2012, so last Monday I decided I needed to do something for me and to make me feel better. MOMS: There is NOTHING wrong with taking care of yourself. It is a must!!!

I have figured out the schedule that works best for me. I do it in the mornings after breakfast. Most days we go on a walk, this gives the boys some fresh air and gets them ready for some great floor time. After the walk, or breakfast on busier days, I get out the blocks, or other toys they aren’t used to playing with, and I put in my P90X!

Most of the time I can get through at least 30-45 minutes before Elias realizes he “needs” me. Sometimes we break and I get him distracted, or play with him for a few minutes until he distracts himself, and then back on I go. So far, I have not been able to get to the AbRipperX for long, if at all, because an hour is already long enough without me, for Elias.

I’ve also adjusted it a little for our life. For instance, Saturdays are family days and I usually have no time to work out, and Sundays are out of the question, so I adjust. I believe working out the other 5 days and missing 2 is better than making an excuse, “Well since I can’t do Saturdays or Sundays I guess I won’t do it at all.” I adjust by taking out Yoga. Sorry Yoga lovers… I hate it, well most of it, so I just skip that day and do the next days workout.

In addition to working out more consistently, I am also using the MyFitnessPal app again to keep track of how well I am eating.

I feel energized! I feel empowered! I feel motivated! I feel strong! I feel (a little more) in control of my body, at least in this area, since I can’t control the miscarriages.

I feel good, and I believe this shines through in my time with my husband and kids, in my housework, and other areas in my life.

What are you doing for yourself today?

Leading by Example

When I started this blog, I agreed to be open and honest to what God wanted me to do and what was going on in my life. After writing The Day the Lord Has Made, I realized I had not been specific in my writing. I was talking with a few friends about how the post came about, and they agreed this was something they struggled with too.

Since that discussion, I felt God leading me to be specific in my struggles and weaknesses. We have our faults and maybe we need to be more honest about them. As Christians, I believe it is important that we are reminded we aren’t in this alone. There are others who need accountability and struggle in the same areas.

I am going to be honest; there are things I avoid blogging about!

God, if I write about those things, then people will know! If I put it out there then I will have to change and work on it. Or, if I blog about it, then I may lose friends. What if they don’t agree with me? What if they get angry with me?…

What if instead, I trust you? What if someone hears something they need to hear? What if that is what I need in order to change? What if I stop worrying about what others think, and instead listen and follow your guidance? What might happen then?”

Ok, so Sunday morning, Pastor Jeff asked us to turn in our bibles to Titus. I picked up my husband’s Bible and turned. In this particular passage, he had written notes and highlighted and underlined. I was reminded of the days I used to sit and read God’s Word. The days I would make notes and really try to take in all I could from each scripture verse.

Although these are fond memories, they are also somewhat distant memories. I want my children to develop study habits very early. Habits of reading and truly understanding a verse. Habits of learning from God’s Word and what He wants for us.

Fortunately, my son has a children’s Bible that he loves! We have read it enough that he does “read” it to me. He points out the animals and says what they are and makes the noise. He knows Baby Jesus, and is starting to notice the difference in baby Moses and Jesus.

All that said, I want him to see true studying and devotion. I know God can do this is different ways, but I want my children to see that and know what it looks like. I need to make time to sit down and read the Bible, even if just for a few minutes. (And to step on some toes: not just on my Bible app! Our technology is wonderful, and reading this way is better than not reading at all, but I need to write notes and underline things for me!)

God has called me to care for my family. I know I am doing His work, but I’d be lying if I pretended I never had a moment to sit down to read a magazine (Above Rubies, All You, Mothering or other natural parenting mags) or get on the computer (obviously!) to read blogs like The Marathon Mom. I need to make time each day to pick up MY Bible and read and highlight. I need to set the example of what my priorities are. If all they see is me cleaning and worrying about the house and such, and not calming down in His Word, then I have somewhat failed them.

What areas do you need to work on to teach your children Godly habits? Or how have you made this fit in to your busy schedule?

My Plan for Progress: Menu-Planning (for me: the picky eater)

I know what you are thinking… she messed up her goal of a blog every other day! Yes I did. And I might as well admit, it’s not the only goal I’ve not hit regularly. I knew this was going to be a slow process, but I am pushing forward and taking each day one at a time.

God is taking me on a journey. Wow, what a ride it has been! Not only has He been changing my mindset the last year or so, but He has shown me a lot in this blog, too.


Admission: Sat down to menu plan last week and ended the night in tears! I honestly fear cooking sometimes (although… I’ve found I am pretty good at it, and I do actually have fun most of the time!) and planning out healthier meals. My husband had a mini-stroke a few weeks ago and found out he has high cholesterol. It is my responsibility to make sure my family is taken care of. They will eat what I prepare for them, so I NEED to make wiser choices.

Goal: Always have a menu planned and have healthier options on the table. I have started menu planning, but sometimes I get off and this just messes me up and causes us to make unwise choices at dinner or by eating out.

Plan: Use Cozi Meals to keep my recipes and menu. I intend to take the next 2-3 months and try out different recipes until I can set up an 8-12 week schedule that I use regularly. I’m also not a huge fan of veggies so I’m learning to hide great nutrition in some of my yummy favorites!

I am guilty of making “easy” meals, with very little nutritious value! This is of course because I did not learn to cook or to enjoy food that is healthy for me. I have added some vegetables to my list of “foods I can eat without gagging,” but most are still not on my “I love” list.”

Schedule: This is just a general list of things I have recently been putting into, or am about to put into my family menu. On my menu, I also include “left-overs” days. Most of these are from The Sneaky Chef, but I will be on the lookout for other great finds over the next several weeks.



  • Tuna could sneak in some stuff
  • Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich
  • Salad
  • Ham and Turkey Sandwich




Well, that is a lot to choose from. Obviously I won’t need that many desserts since I do not make them often and they last a few days, but now I have some healthier options to choose from.

What healthy recipes do you have for the picky eater?

My Plan for Progress: Keep House in Order

Ok… so this mom: clearly not perfect! Shocked?!? You shouldn’t be! I make mistakes all the time. Like when I planned out my next three months and COMPLETELY forgot Elias’ birthday!!! HORRIBLE!!! I got caught up in planning activities for my family each Saturday, that I did not pay close attention to the date. Rest assured that we are planning something very special for our dear sweet Elias. He was born on February 10, 2011 at only 1lb 12oz. I intend to have a special celebration involving the nurses and everything! Look for more information to come.”

Keep House in Order

Goal: Schedule to keep the house in order (especially to avoid my husband having to help any when he gets home). I also want to add… GET RID OF STUFF!

Plan: Put schedule in my Cozi calendar and have them send me a reminder each day. In addition to the schedule, I am going to do a load of laundry every day (or at least every other day, as needed). This will keep the clothes from piling up.

Schedule: As you remember, I already had this planned out, but as usual, we must adjust! I always remind myself that change is ok! Rather than becoming upset that my plan didn’t work out perfectly the first time, I am going to adjust accordingly and try again next week! Here is the new schedule for my house!

By the way, this really is for me :)! Having a clean home makes me super happy! I know it may never be perfect, especially when I feel like everyone else’s goal is to destroy my plan ;-), but I will aim as best as I can. Also, having things in their place, means we get to enjoy them and know exactly where they are when we want them. I get frustrated when I know I have something that I want or need, but have NO IDEA where it is! I also get frustrated over the amount of STUFF we have! We have more than we need, so we are going to donate!”


  • Clean Both Bathrooms
  • Clean Bathroom and Closet Floors


  • Clean Kitchen
  • Vacuum Living/Front Room and Clean Kitchen Floor
  • Change out Scentsy


  • Clean Dining Rooms
  • Wash Toys
  • Dust
  • Find at least one thing to get rid of


  • Clean Bedroom
  • Vacuum Bedroom Floor
  • Change out Scentsy
  • Menu Plan

I needed to adjust this based on activities that take place throughout our week; for instance, my husband has some friends over on Monday evenings and the kitchen is always a mess afterwards. Cleaning the kitchen on Monday, and then needing to scrub it down again Tuesday did not help my sanity! Of course, the kitchen will always need touch-ups after meals and such, but this is more of a deep clean!

I feel certain this will not be the last time I need to adjust, but I am excited to stick as close to this plan as possible.

Another thing I am discovering on this journey, I may not get to clean everything to perfection, but each week I can get to something I missed from the week before. If it’s not perfect… THAT IS OK!!!!!

What cleaning schedule works best in your house?

My Plan for Progress: Get Out of the House

My Pastor’s first message of the New Year was so very appropriate and spoke straight into what God had laid on my heart. He told us we needed to plan for progress. Without a plan, we are less likely to succeed at our goals.

OK. So I am beginning a series: My Plan for Progress! I am going to walk through some of my goals for the New Year and make a plan to be successful at them.

To help me with success, I use the Cozi calendar!

I feel certain I have already mentioned and the amazing app they have available, but I want to state, if I haven’t already, how WONDERFUL the calendar is! My husband and I are working hard at using this regularly. Everything is on my phone and my computer. If I lose my phone, I do not lose my calendar!

Having said all that, I will be using the calendar regularly to help me keep up with my goals. For instance, I put my daily housecleaning schedule in for each day and set it to happen every week. It then sends me a reminder each day of what to clean.

So now that you know how I’m going to remember everything, here goes…

Get Out of the House


  • More outings with the boys. Schedule park time, museum time (esp now that we have a membership!), library, etc.
  • Make Saturdays family days! Go out for picnics, tents in the backyard, walks around the neighborhood. Plan these events each month and make it a casual day with a lot of relaxation! This needs to be our day of rest since we work at the church all day on Sundays.
Plan: Schedule activities and put them on the calendar. Once on the calendar, we are less likely to reschedule and more likely to remember.
  • Tues 10th – Picnic at Park (weather permitting)
  • Fri 13th – Library
  • Sat 14th – Stay up late and watch the stars. Make some microwave s’mores and hot chocolate/apple cider.
  • Mon 16th – MLK Volunteer Activity with Family (found on
  • Fri 20th – Nature and Science Museum
  • Sat 21st – Draw a mural together on the sidewalk with chalk and go for a walk around the neighborhood.
  • Tues 24th – Picnic at Park (weather permitting)
  • Fri 27th – Library
  • Sat 28th – As a family, make homemade cards for the next holiday and for upcoming birthdays.
  • Fri 3rd – Nature and Science Museum
  • Sat 4th – As a family, bake a cake or delicious dessert from scratch.
  • Tues 7th – Picnic at Park (weather permitting)
  • Fri 10th – Library
  • Sat 11th – Start our family garden.
  • Fri 17th – Nature and Science Museum
  • Sat 18th – Work a puzzle together as a family.
  • Tues 21st – Picnic at Park (weather permitting)
  • Fri 24th – Library
  • Sat 25th – Make a fort of bed sheets. Camp out in the family room for a fun pajama party.
  • Fri 2nd – Nature and Science Museum
  • Sat 3rd – Lay down a blanket and watch the clouds.
  • Tues 6th – Picnic at Park (weather permitting)
  • Fri 9th – Library
  • Sat 10th – Visit the Planetarium at the museum.
  • Fri 16th – Nature and Science Museum
  • Sat 17th – Work on flower bed as a family.
  • Tues 20th – Picnic at Park with Family (weather permitting)
  • Fri 23rd – Library
  • Sat 24th – Plant more in our family garden.
  • Fri 30th – Nature and Science Museum
  • Sat 31st – Take a nature hike with the family.
Wow! That looks like A LOT! Well I would rather have too much planned than nothing at all!
What do you like to do outside the house with your family?