Out of the Closet


Overwhelmed! With LOTS of laundry!!!! And piles of mess!

We are between homes right now so we are living out of suitcases. Elias, my sweet Elias, or Conner, my sweet Conner (we still aren’t sure which one or both), decided it would be fun to throw all of the boys clothes out of their suitcase and all over the bedroom. Fun.

I was not pleased! And to top it off, they have WAY too many clothes!!!

It is time to minimize.

I’ve read and heard so many positives of having less clothes. I mean really. We do laundry at least 2-3 times a week and there are only 7 days in a week. So Monday, while I was waiting for my husband to get home for our appointment, I made a plan and went for it.

I searched what others suggested as far as how many clothes a person and kid needs. I used two sources. One was from Living On A Dime and the other was The Purposeful Mom.

Then I made my own plan. Here is what I decided was best for our family:

7 casual, can get messy shirt
4 nice shirts
5 long sleeve
3 jeans/casual pants
2 nice pants
5 shorts (we live in Texas and they go outside a lot!)
3 pjs
2 jackets at most (maybe a super heavy for traveling to cold places and a lighter one for Texas lol)

7 short sleeve nice
7 short sleeve button up (especially good when I’m a nursing mom)
7 three-quarter sleeve
7 long sleeve nice
7 tanks
7 casual dresses
4 church dresses
7 skirts (probably could do less but I have a lot and they are all so different lol… I know! I still have room to learn)
3 capris
3 shorts
3 pants

And away I went. The boys clothes turned out to be the easiest part. Although it wasn’t super easy to clean their clothes out, since they have a lot of cute clothes that were given to them, but I did it! And the suitcase looked soooo much better!

Don’t worry, the clothes are being donated to a good friend who is about to have a baby boy!!!

Three days later and I am already loving the downsizing A LOT!! After I do laundry, the clean clothes often get stacked on top, especially right now when we are living out of suitcases. With the same clothes being on top the bottom clothes rarely get worn. Anyways, this is the drive behind cleaning out the clothes!

Today it was easy! Conner has 7 casual shirts and made deciding much easier!

Now to my clothes :-/ NOT easy.

But I wear that… Sometimes.

It will fit again someday.

Yes I do need 3 different solid black short sleeve shirts!

So I started with short sleeve shirts. Decided to split up short sleeve shirts and short sleeve button ups so I could keep more haha. Defeats the purpose I know, but I was thinking of having another baby and breast-feeding. Button ups can be convenient, although I think I have the art of nursing in almost anything down by now.

It. Was. Hard.

So after I put a few in the donate pile and started feeling overwhelmed, I said to myself, “That’s a good start!” I continued on in this same manner as I went through the rest of my closet.

Now I’m on a new quest. I’m setting out to try to wear everything I have left, to prove that I do in fact wear it. And if I don’t, it goes in the donate pile.


For me my husband’s was easy ;-). I’ve been wanting to clean some of that out for a while lol.

But wives, be careful. I made sure to keep it out for him first and told him what I was doing to give him a “say” in some of what stayed. He was sad to see some go and kept more than I wanted, but I told him, “That was a good start!”


Our closets are “lighter” which makes choosing easier and quicker! I’m very happy and we were able to make a great clothing donation.

Have you cleaned out your closet before and found peacefulness?


The 30-Minute Day

So today was a full day home! No trips anywhere! I had a lot (in my mind) that I wanted to get done.

Have you done that before? Made a list in your head, or maybe even on paper.

Did you get everything done?

If you’re anything like me then – nope! Especially if I didn’t write anything down. At least I get a few more done when I make a list.

Today I decided to make it different. I was determined to get most of my list accomplished.

After breakfast, our Proverbs reading, checking email, Facebook, and some play time with the boys, I pulled out a pad of paper and a pen. I went to work!

Everything was going to be in 30 minute blocks.

11:30 – 12: Scentsy thank you cards and pay for a craft show spot

12 – 12:30: laundry

12:30 – 1: workout

1 – 1:30: lunch

1:30 – 2: clean kitchen

2 – 2:30: pack up for tomorrow’s Scentsy show & finish thank you cards

2:30 – 3: lay down with boys

3 – 3:30: clean kitchen floors and/or bathroom

3:30 – 4: shower and clean up for tonight

How did it go?!? I did EVERYTHING except the kitchen floors/bathrooms. I also did a couple other things I forgot about and of course the kids don’t follow the schedule, since they are 2 and 3 1/2, so my times got off some.

But you know what?! I’m very happy! I made a schedule and I stuck to it. I got a lot done today! Instead of my husband coming home, and me apologizing for not doing as much as I had hoped, I was happy and he was happy! He could see my progress and I felt good!

Oftentimes, either the laundry or the workout slacks. Something (well probably lots of somethings) gets missed or I just don’t have time for it all.

Success! My 30-minute schedule worked! I will do it again!

Was your day as successful?

His Rib: Back in Action

ImageWhere in the world has His Rib been?

Well I’ll tell you! Just like you, I am a super busy mom!! BUT, I have terribly missed my blog and I am ready to hit the ground running and strong.

So what’s coming?

I’m so glad you asked! Here is a sneak peek of what is to come in the upcoming days:

  • Come Fly With Me – A day by day guide to keeping up with the housecleaning in the midst of a busy schedule!
  • How to Coupon Successfully:Your 3-Ring Binder and Getting Started Again (or For the First Time) – Apparently I never actually finished this series… OOPS!! So we are going to finish it up and I will show you how we have lived without couponing (but with the benefits of our efforts) and how I am going at it again!
  • Touchy Topic Tuesdays – They are back!! And with great topics such as guest posts on vaccinations, homeschooling, responsibilities for the kids, and more!
  • Thankful Thursdays – Will debut again! We have so much to be thankful daily. I will share with you some of these things each week.
  • Shiloh: My Third Heaven Baby – I will share with you my experiences as I faced my third miscarriage.
  • And so much more!!! There will be menu-planning, and in-depth look at my personal daily meal plan as I journey to get healthy.
  • Did I mention my devotions will be coming back?!?! Have you missed these?? I have missed sharing them with you!

WOW!!! I am soooo excited! I know there is more, but cannot share all my secrets!!! Are you excited with me?!? I hope so! Thanks for joining me in my journey, and I look forward to your feedback on our ride!!

What would you like to see a post on?

Touchy Topic Tuesday: New Series

When I started this blog, God laid some strong topics on my heart for discussion. I have avoided some of these topics out of fear. Fear of offending. Fear of losing readers. Fear that people may disagree.

Despite these fears, I have decided to lay out there what God has placed on my heart. You may not always agree, and I am prepared for some friendly discussion, but I no longer want to hold back what I feel I need to put out there.

It bothers me when people (especially Pastors) avoid telling the truth or sugarcoat what God’s word says, out of fear they may offend. I can’t stand to hear someone say it is okay to do something (even just a little bit) that the Bible clearly states is wrong. Now, just to clarify, I am not stating that all of my topics will be “clearly stated in the Bible” topics. I am simply saying, that if I know God has clearly shown me something, then I can no longer keep it inside. He led me to start the blog, so I must follow.

So am I the expert on all things? Am I the perfect mom? Will every topic or opinion work on every kid, for every parent? NO WAY!

I want to bring out the touchy topics and tell you what has worked or is currently working for me. I want to show what God has shown and is showing me.

So who am I? I am a mom! I care about my kids and being the best mom I can be for them. I have their best interests at heart. As I go through the topics, I will tell you more about me and why I felt led in the direction I chose.

We joined in this journey together, and I look forward to learning from you too. Thanks for joining in the ride!

Do you have a touchy topic you would like to share? I am looking for guest bloggers to post their touchy topics.

How to Coupon Successfully: Where to Get Coupons

Check out How to Coupon Successfully: Why Coupon

Where to Get Coupons

  • Sunday Paper: Get TWO double papers. This will give you 4 papers with coupons. (Save your money on Holiday weekends, they will NOT have coupons.)
  • Store Sales Ads: Look carefully in the store ads. Some of the coupons are specific for the store, but occasionally you will find these coupons are actually labeled as manufacturer.
  • All You Magazine: Walmart OR subscribe here for $30 for 24 issues!!! = $1.25 an issue!
  • In the Mail: Mail outs come in my mailbox once a week. There are also coupons included with freebies you sign up for.
  • Internet: Print out coupons (check out www.coupon.com or www.cellfire.com).
  • Your Receipts: Pay attention when they print out. Sometimes there is FREE “money” or coupons.
  • Peelies: These are coupons on the item either to be used then or at a later time.
  • Blinkies: You will see these down the aisles. They blink and have coupons sticking out of them. Just pull them out, but only a few. Don’t empty them out!!

Different Types of Coupons and Terms

  • Manufacturer’s Coupons: Can be used anywhere that accepts coupons.
  • Store Coupons: Can only be used (in most cases) at the store listed on the coupon.
  • Catalinas: “Money” that prints off with your receipt. It can be used on your next purchase. Most have few or no restrictions.
  • Register Rewards/ECB (Extra Care Bucks): Walgreens/CVS “money.” You get them for buying certain items. They are usually listed in their ads and/or down the aisle. Sometimes there are some secret ones that get out! Watch out when spending them though, if you use them to buy to the same like items you will not get more RRs/ECBs, so use them on different products.

Check out my guest post How to Coupon Successfully: Organizing Your Coupons.

Where do you get your coupons? 

How to Coupon Successfully: Why Coupon

Check out How to Coupon Successfully: The Start of a Series

Why should I coupon?”

This is a question I am asked often. For me the answer seems simple… to save your family money!

Although this may seem like a good enough answer, some do not see the full value of this. For example, I hear often, “but I do not use most of those items,” or “There are not coupons for the items I use.”

I understand this concept, especially when we live in such a “Green Age.” Many people are making their cleaning products rather than buying them now. Also, many people are doing their best to avoid prepackaged food items, and let’s face it, a lot of the coupons are for this very thing.

Despite my efforts to make food from scratch, sometimes we still need a quick snack. So for now, I will continue to use some of the “naughty” coupons… at least that is how some well-meaning people make me feel when I buy those items.

There are still A LOT of other coupons to choose from. Toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, fabric softener, razors, shampoo, conditioner, drinks, condiments, and cooking supplies just to name a few.

You can also take the coupons you might not normally use to get great deals on things to donate to food pantries or drives. Those coupons you do not use can be given to  friends, family, or even donated to military families.

This is what I love about couponing!

When I am at the top of my game, my pantry and laundry room is FULL! My family can find a lot of options to choose from, and road trips are taken care of. We don’t have to run to the store to get snacks for the car, we just go to our pantry.

When we find out about needs in our church or with friends and family, we just go to our pantry and fill up a box. What a great feeling! To know you can give, and do so without regret of how much you spent, is such a wonderful experience.

We are called to give and to take care of those in need. Couponing has allowed my family to do this. By taking the time to coupon, I am able to get more with our money and not worry when we need to give away some of it.

Check out How to Coupon Successfully: Where to Get Coupons

Why do you coupon?

How to Coupon Successfully: The Start of a Series

Couponing has been one of my favorite topics for a couple of years now! The thrill of the sales, finding good deals, walking away with bargains and freebies, and saving my family A LOT of money just gets me all excited.

Unfortunately, it is one of those things that does take time and effort. I have backed off quite a bit over the last few months for various reasons, including health and change of my financial situation, but I am ready to get motivated to get moving again.

I used to offer a class teaching many of these concepts. In the class, I gave all my best tips, answered questions, and provided all the tools needed to successfully start a coupon notebook. I strongly believe and pray that all those that attended the class did find it beneficial and worth the cost.

In hopes to reach more, and encourage myself and others, I am now writing a blog about “How to Coupon Successfully.”

During this series, I will discuss several topics:

So, join in with me as we take a journey together and save money for our families! Along the way, please ask questions or add suggestions you have learned!