The 30-Minute Day

So today was a full day home! No trips anywhere! I had a lot (in my mind) that I wanted to get done.

Have you done that before? Made a list in your head, or maybe even on paper.

Did you get everything done?

If you’re anything like me then – nope! Especially if I didn’t write anything down. At least I get a few more done when I make a list.

Today I decided to make it different. I was determined to get most of my list accomplished.

After breakfast, our Proverbs reading, checking email, Facebook, and some play time with the boys, I pulled out a pad of paper and a pen. I went to work!

Everything was going to be in 30 minute blocks.

11:30 – 12: Scentsy thank you cards and pay for a craft show spot

12 – 12:30: laundry

12:30 – 1: workout

1 – 1:30: lunch

1:30 – 2: clean kitchen

2 – 2:30: pack up for tomorrow’s Scentsy show & finish thank you cards

2:30 – 3: lay down with boys

3 – 3:30: clean kitchen floors and/or bathroom

3:30 – 4: shower and clean up for tonight

How did it go?!? I did EVERYTHING except the kitchen floors/bathrooms. I also did a couple other things I forgot about and of course the kids don’t follow the schedule, since they are 2 and 3 1/2, so my times got off some.

But you know what?! I’m very happy! I made a schedule and I stuck to it. I got a lot done today! Instead of my husband coming home, and me apologizing for not doing as much as I had hoped, I was happy and he was happy! He could see my progress and I felt good!

Oftentimes, either the laundry or the workout slacks. Something (well probably lots of somethings) gets missed or I just don’t have time for it all.

Success! My 30-minute schedule worked! I will do it again!

Was your day as successful?


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