Thankful Thursday: Computer Time






I have been writing blogs in my head, but didn’t have a computer to write them on. This is not good for a blogger. I did make some good notes on my phone and will get them all out on the computer very soon. 


Two days ago I wrote about His Rib coming back, and then my computer cord died. Of course! So I know what you were thinking, “Yeah yeah… sure! But she hasn’t even written another post since that one.”


I assure you they are coming. I am writing and I am loving it. Computer time, for blogging that is, is something I very much enjoy and it allows me to get out all the crazy thoughts and plans in my head.


My time is precious. I have two sweet boys and a husband who want my time! And computer time… well that is MY time!! This is my chance to have a bit of a break and really “get out” of the world of cleaning, laundry, cooking, taking care of children and husband, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. BUT I LOVE that world… so what do I do? I write about it!!! Hehehe! 


You know what else? Since I write about my life, I learn how to do that life – MY LIFE – better!! So yeah, this takes away some time for them, but I use my computer time to make our lives better. I am so thankful for that opportunity!  The opportunity to even have a computer. The opportunity to have internet access. The opportunity to make time to make plans. The opportunity to release my ideas and thoughts, even the crazy ones!!


What are you thankful for today?




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