My YouTube Workout: Day 1

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So excited to be given permission to workout again!!!

I had surgery 3 weeks ago so I have not worked out in a month (the week before surgery I was in terrible pain-hence the surgery). This has been super difficult for me since I love working out and I feel great after doing so!

Most recently I went through P90x and 42 Days to Fit from The Marathon Mom. I very much enjoyed both of these, and they completely challenged me! I find I like variety and also enjoy setting goals. P90x was set for 90 days and of course 42 Days to Fit was, well, 42 days long.

Anyways, I thought it might be fun to see if I could get in a good workout completely through YouTube videos. This leaves no excuses for busy moms with no money to buy workout videos or to buy a gym membership. So here is what I came up with.

I found this website with home workout plan for women. It includes lots of videos, but I decided to choose my own, but use their overall plan.

So Day 1:

Warm Up and Lower Body Workout Video
4 Sets of Planks for 1 minute
Cool Down Video

I wasn’t sure about the first video, but it kicked my butt! Today I only made it through one round, but I will do better next time. I also only did two planks for 30 seconds. They are pretty hardcore.

This workout is not for the weak. I chose the advanced schedule and videos because I have been working out and feel good about moving up. Please make sure to be wise in your workouts! I am not responsible for any misuse of this plan.

I intend to work through this for the next four weeks and I hope you will join me if you don’t already have a plan!!

What do you like to do to workout and to keep you motivated?


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