Menu-Planning: 5/14/12

So I was thinking… no one really cares what my menu is, why do I still do it? Well for a few reasons: maybe someone want some extra recipes or ideas, I’ve read other people’s menus and it gave me more options, and most importantly, it forces me to make my plan and keep my family organized and healthier!

So to those who don’t care, well you probably aren’t reading anyways 🙂 and to those who do, here you go!



Eggs and Toast





Crackers and Tuna


Monday: Leftovers-we made a lot of meals this weekend and so we have lots of yummy things!

Tuesday: Turkey Chili… I actually forgot it was on the menu last week 😉

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Turkey Nachos

Friday: Turkey Tacos

Saturday: Ribs

What are you eating this week?


2 thoughts on “Menu-Planning: 5/14/12

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