How To Coupon Successfully: Organizing Your Coupons

To see the full series, check out How to Coupon Successfully: The Start of a SeriesHow to Coupon Successfully: Why Coupon, and How to Coupon Successfully: Where to Get Coupons. Planning your trip is the most important thing you can do, especially to save yourself A LOT of time!!!

Once you have all your coupons cut out, it is important to organize them in a useful way. This is one of the most important steps! If you have coupons, but no simple way to organize them, then you will not be successful.

• Recipe/Coupon Box – File coupons into similar categories within your box.
• Envelops – Label envelopes with different categories and separate your coupons into the appropriate envelope. Or some people just cut out the exact coupons you need and want to use then and keep them together in one envelope. The problem I have with doing it this way, is coupons last longer than one week and you may want something in the future, or it may go on sale and you can stock up.
• Expanding File or Wallet – Works a lot like the recipe/coupon box except in a file or wallet.
• 3-Ring Binder – Ok, those ideas are great, and you should use what works best for you, but personally, I LOVE this one!!! I will focus the rest of this post on how to get your binder ready.

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