A Study Through the Bible: James

It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day activities and wonder why you can’t hear God’s voice. As a mom of two young children, trying to keep up with them, the daily household chores, being the best wife and mom I can be, and our involvement in our church, I find myself doing everything but reading and studying His word.

Prayer has always been my stronger suit. I am not much of a reader anymore, which I do hate, but I pray as I breathe many times. I have never considered myself a prayer warrior, but I do feel as though my thoughts lead to prayer often.

Having said all of that, I am beginning a study on one of my favorite books of the Bible, James! I will be using this free online Bible study website. Join me!

My Prayer

God, as I begin to study your Word in-depth, I pray you open my heart to hear from you. I long to know you better. I long to be the best person I can be. I know you are moving me in a new direction so please show me through your Word. Help me to understand and find meaning for your Scriptures in my life. Allow me into your thoughts. Show me what you want for me and my family. Guide me through the Word.

Thank you for all you have given and done for my family. We would not be who we are if it weren’t for our foundation being built on you. You keep us strong and hold us together. Thank you for wiping away my tears. Thank you for holding me when I could not stand.

Lead us and guide us in our lives, and the decisions we make each and every day. Give us the wisdom we need to make the right choices. We love you!


James 1: 1-4


“We need to realize that we have no control over what happens to us at times, whether it be trials, suffering, setbacks, injury, sickness, or death of a loved one. We only have control of our attitude and response. We are called to choose to declare our situation joy! We cannot change our circumstances; however, we can accept them by learning and growing from them (Isa. 26:3). It does no good to complain, to fret, or to be angry or bitter, as these things do neither others nor us any good. All that complaining just escalates the situation and blinds us to our ability to be better and not bitter! Real, authentic, Christian maturity will grow as a result of our problems. They will strengthen us and make us better, stronger, and able to get over things faster and get on with our lives. Then, we will be able to be of better use to God and to others.” Taken from here.

I LOVE this! It is exactly what I needed to hear right now. Between my personal life, and things going on in our church right now, this scripture is for me.

I WILL go through trials. It is NOT a matter of IF, just WHEN. I am currently going through trials and I must persevere!

I try to make it a habit to remind myself I can only control my actions, not the actions of others. It is so easy to gripe, complain, get angry at other people’s poor choices, but I need to control my actions and emotions. My trust is in God and what He wants to do in my life. My trust is not in others and what they choose to do.

It is not easy to consider it pure joy when we face trials. When I miscarried Hope, and later Jonah, I felt anything but joy, but I did think, “In what ways is God going to use me to help others going through the same trials?”

Closing Prayer

Thank you God for getting me through my trials. Thank you for carrying me and keeping me strong when I feel so weak. Thank you for using me, both now and in the future. I will be stronger for my trials! I will persevere! Amen!


4 thoughts on “A Study Through the Bible: James

    • Other books in general? Or other books of the Bible? I will answer both 🙂 I am not a big reader anymore. As far as other books in the Bible, yes. I am just studying James right now, but have read through all of the Bible. Thanks for reading! And thanks for the comment.

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