Thankful Thursday: Conner’s First ER Visit

So, Conner is a MONKEY! There is no doubt about this. I have often been rather surprised he hasn’t had more accidents. I praise God for this daily!

Well, the rest of us have had ER visits in the last 6 months (I had appendicitis, James had a mini-stroke, and Elias had strep)… CRAZY… except Conner. Until last night.

Yesterday, I had my first appointment with a set of midwives that deliver in a hospital, so we had a late lunch. When we started to eat, Conner climbed down from him chair. He must have slipped or something, because as soon as he got down he kept complaining that his nose hurt.

I didn’t actually see him hurt it, but shortly later, he would not stop complaining and would cry at times. He wouldn’t touch his food anymore, and wanted to sit in my lap. He was suddenly very tired and kept shaking. I found this very odd, and Bo (Krystle) came down stairs and noticed his odd behavior too.

I worried maybe he broke his nose, but this thought seemed crazy since it seemed like such a small incident. His nose looked slightly bruised and he wanted to lay down, so I let him. Why make him suffer if he can sleep away some of the soreness?

When he woke up from this nap, he immediately started screaming and crying frantically. I began to really worry. Fortunately, James came home right after work (instead of doing his side jobs) so that I could go tutor. He came in as Conner was screaming. He calmed him down and as I left he was laying back down.

While I was tutoring, he woke up and immediately threw up twice. By the time I got back home he was asleep again. James and I began talking about the possibilities and what might have happened to him.

We worried he had a concussion or a broken nose. He would not eat dinner and kept crying and complaining about his nose hurting. We gave him some Tylenol and decided to go to the ER. You can never be too careful with a head injury.

By the time we loaded up in the van, he was starting to act his normal self of course! Isn’t that how it always works? Just when you decide to take them to the doctor, they start acting fine so you can look like the parent who is overreacting ;-)!

We didn’t have to wait too long. Nurse came in. Looked at his eyes, up his nose, and checked his hand-eye coordination. Fortunately, he is so young he does not have bone in his nose yet. So no broken nose. And there was no blood up his nose, so that was a good sign too. She said it was not a concussion because he would still be throwing up if that were the case.

She said it was a minor head injury and said he would probably have some bruising and pain still tomorrow. She told us to get Motrin and Tylenol for the pain.

I am so thankful the news was so minor! We had wonderful family and friends praying for us, and some that rushed up to be with us! We felt so loved!

I worried at the many possibilities that could have come about, but God watched over my little one and protected him.

He woke up very upset and a little dizzy this morning. I am still thinking maybe a minor concussion (but that is just my “pro”fessional mommy opinion). We woke up him up last night and I am keeping a close eye on him, but now that he’s has meds, he’s running all around me, playing with Elias!

I love my boys!! Thank you God for watching over my family!


7 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Conner’s First ER Visit

  1. Well, Conner must not have wanted to be left out on the ER visits that everyone else is having! I’m so thankful he’s okay. That was pretty scary, I’d say. He’s such a happy fellow most of the time, that just his crying and complaining told you something wasn’t right! Glad you trusted your ‘pro’fessional mommy instincts!

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