Flirtatious Friday: Want More Intimacy?

Ok friends! You asked for it!

I am going to use my series on Fridays to bring us all closer to our husbands. Here we will learn together and share ideas on ways to develop a stronger, more intimate relationship. Through this journey, we will explore ways to spice things up even long before the bedroom.

Today I want to focus on flirting. You remember this right? Hmm… I think I do…

Flirting (or coquetry) is a playful romantic or sexual overture by one person to another subtly indicating an interest in a deeper relationship with the other person, and can involve verbal communication as well as body language.”

This is what we used to spend all our focus on before we got married. We had to woo our love interest so they would notice us. We flirted then, but do we do this now?

Notice the definition above. Flirting is indicating an interest in a deeper relationship. We should all want this with our husbands.

Ok, so I know I am not the only one already saying, “well if he would just do… or if he would learn to… then,” but God wants us to love our husbands without stipulation. What if he is saying the same things about you? So ladies, I am saying I am going to take the initiative. I am going to start intentionally flirting with my husband again!

We flirt on occasion, but not as much as I would like. And I want my husband to know that I am “indicating an interest in a deeper relationship!”

I found a great post about flirting and letting your kids see you flirt too!

So I challenge you to join with me. Flirt with your husbands! Today I am going to start with a text to get this weekend started off right!

Each Friday, we will explore different methods of flirting. We will learn some new techniques for spicing things up.

If you want your marriage to last, be happy, be joyous, fun and exciting, join me! Share with us in the journey and please leave your suggestions too!!

I am also looking for guest bloggers to write on the topic. Let me know, by email (, if you are interested.

Are you in? What are you going to today to flirt with your husband (preferably before he even gets home!)?


6 thoughts on “Flirtatious Friday: Want More Intimacy?

  1. I agree in theory. But, I think part of flirting is that there isn’t a guarantee. My husband is so easy…I don’t think he flirts back, at all. He just supplicates to me.

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