On the Verge of Ruining My Child’s Life

Am I the only one?

I feel like Conner is at THAT age. You know the age that you either make or break them?

Being a mom is tough! Conner is now 2 1/2 and we are really having to teach and train him right and wrong. This is where it hits me. Every decision I make now as a parent, either helps him or ruins him.

Come on, you know what I mean! You know how all our parents screwed (sorry to put so bluntly… just trying to be funny while making a point) us up because they did ____ (fill in the blank). I am just waiting. Any day now, I will do that thing. The thing that years from now, Conner still refers to as, “And that is when my mom ruined my life!”

Ok, so really, I am trying to be funny. Did you catch the dry humor? If not, it was all there.

I know… or at least I hope I know, that I am making wise choices, and I am not going to “ruin” Conner’s life… at least not yet ;-), but I do think of these things. I want to choose wisely when I discipline. He needs to understand the punishment and we need to figure out how to resolve the issue.

Years ago, I knew being a mom would not be easy. I would have to make tough choices. But isn’t it crazy how quickly that happens!?!?! I know it will all work out, and naturally, as I have done everything else, I will figure out how to be the best mom for Conner.

I will make mistakes. Maybe the importance is showing him that it is ok to make mistakes. We all do it and it doesn’t mean that we are ruined for life because of these mistakes. If my children see me being honest and open, and apologetic in my own faults, then we will be less likely to reach the, “my mom ruined me” stage.

Prayer and tough love! That is how we will make it. I worry because I love my boys very much, but I know God has not called me to worry.

Have you ever felt like you have “ruined” or are “ruining” your child’s life?


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