How to Coupon Successfully: Planning Your Trip

Did you see my guest post How to Coupon Successfully: Organizing Your Coupons?

Planning your trip is the most important thing you can do, especially to save yourself A LOT of time!!!

When I plan out a good couponing trip, it might take me a little bit of time, but it saves me a lot of stress at the grocery store. When I take shortcuts in this area, it never fails, I get frustrated and overwhelmed and miss out on some great deals. I also spend WAY more time than I anticipated, and leave feeling fully unsuccessful.

What I use to plan:

  • Store Ads from Newspaper, Mail, and/or online (sign up online with your stores and they email them out each week)
  • (find your local mommy – she sends emails each day with local deals)
  • (just be mindful sales vary from locations)
  • (you can print coupons, find FREE and super cheap deals, compare store prices, etc)
  • * (gives you a list of sale items isle by isle for stores)
  •  * (compares deals from different stores)

*Must pay a fee for these sites

I like to make a shopping list from the emails those (free) sites send me. I look through the list and remove items we don’t use. Then I look to make sure I have the coupons needed for those deals.

Sometimes, on smaller trips, I will take the coupons out and put them together in an envelope so that I don’t have to carry my whole binder in. This is not always wise, because you never know when something new may be on clearance or sale and you might miss it if your binder is at home or in the car. Also, if they are out of the item, or they it is not the deal you were expecting, then you have to put all those coupons back.

Stacking coupons is a must for great deals! Find manufacture coupons (in the newspaper) and match them with store coupons (typically found in sales ads). Most stores will allow you to use one of each. You should also be able to use Catalina, and previously earned Register Rewards and ECBs.

Just be careful because sometimes you must have as many items as coupons. For instance, if you have one item and you are going to use a manufacture coupon, store coupon, and a Register Reward, they may expect you to have three items since you are using three coupons. They will allow you to use all three, but you will need two other items. I always look for super clearance items, or things on sale for like 25 cents. These things are great for filler items. You don’t want to spend a lot on a filler item  (unless you were getting it already or absolutely need it), otherwise the coupons were pointless.

Always look for items at Walgreens and CVS that earn RR/ECB, especially if you have a coupon! This will give you “money” back to spend next time you shop there!! Make sure to pay attention to when the RR/ECB expire, because you do not want to lose them.

Before you go, make sure you know your stores coupon policies. Here I have listed a few in my area (DFW), but you will want to verify the policy for your local store.

Coupon Policies:

Also, ask around at your stores and find out who will give you money off for using your own bags!

Does this help? Do you have any questions?


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