Menu Planning: Week 3-12-12

So the last several weeks have been hit and miss when it comes to me cooking. Honestly, James has really had to step up and take over cooking again.

I have decided, that to truly get past my semi-depressive state, I need to get back up and take care of my husband and kids through cooking again. Laundry, dishes, and some cleaning, have finally been up and going, but now I need to go full circle.

Cooking is something I have recently grown to enjoy. It has been a slow process for me, and I don’t always want to do it, but I do love it when I get in there and especially when I make stuff from scratch.

I never claim to be the healthiest cook….when I do cook, but I am trying to get something in there each meal. So here we go…


Waffles – I am going to make a lot and freeze them!






Tuna with crackers



Tacos, Chips and Guacamole (sneaky chef)

Nachos, Left-over Guacamole

Salad, Baked Parmesan Garlic Chicken, Mystery Mashed Potatoes, Fabulous French Bread

Speedy Stove top Lasagna, Left-over Fabulous French Bread


2 thoughts on “Menu Planning: Week 3-12-12

  1. I always make extra waffles and pancakes to freeze, too. They are almost as good as fresh when rewarmed in the toaster! Yum!

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