How to Coupon Successfully: The Start of a Series

Couponing has been one of my favorite topics for a couple of years now! The thrill of the sales, finding good deals, walking away with bargains and freebies, and saving my family A LOT of money just gets me all excited.

Unfortunately, it is one of those things that does take time and effort. I have backed off quite a bit over the last few months for various reasons, including health and change of my financial situation, but I am ready to get motivated to get moving again.

I used to offer a class teaching many of these concepts. In the class, I gave all my best tips, answered questions, and provided all the tools needed to successfully start a coupon notebook. I strongly believe and pray that all those that attended the class did find it beneficial and worth the cost.

In hopes to reach more, and encourage myself and others, I am now writing a blog about “How to Coupon Successfully.”

During this series, I will discuss several topics:

So, join in with me as we take a journey together and save money for our families! Along the way, please ask questions or add suggestions you have learned!


2 thoughts on “How to Coupon Successfully: The Start of a Series

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