All Grown Up Still Playing House

On many occasions since James and I have been married, we have made comments to each other about how we feel like we are just playing house. This isn’t everyday, but there are times where he will just look at me and say, “I love playing house with you!”

Since having kids, this has faded some.

Reality sets in most days. Laundry, dishes, cleaning, cooking, disciplining. Life.

But there are moments we sit around with our friends, and we are all 20 again. We are kids raising kids. Well, at least we feel like that’s the case.

Now more than ever, I understand that as I get older, I am still 22 in my head. I can already see myself never wanting to let that go. I know I’m still very young, but I can see that I am still me.

To my children, I am Mom. To me, I am Tiffany, young, successful, sexy, fun! And I LOVE playing house still!

Some may say I need to grow up, but I never want to let go of the “playing house” feeling.

It is so refreshing to have those moments. The other night I walked into my closet and I realized… this is MY closet. MY house. MY mess ;-). MY husband. MY kids.

How in the world? I am still only a child in my parents house. I am still only a teenager in high school. I am still only 20 and in college.

How cool!! I have a house! I’ve always wanted my own house. I have a husband! I’ve always wanted a husband to love. I have children! I’ve always dreamed of having kids.

Do you remembering being a kid and longing for all those things? I do! And now I have them! How cool!

Don’t get me wrong, I have my moments (too often unfortunately!) where all I can do is yell “UGH THIS HOUSE!!!” The mess the kids make, the laundry, the dishes, everything just gets to me. I dream of being back in my OWN bed in my parents house all ALONE! Sigh.

BUT… I LOVE playing house! In my moments of frustration and dreaming of a way out, I remind myself of how all I am doing is playing house. I can do and be who I want.

I want to be a GREAT wife! I want to be an AWESOME mom! I want to be ME! So I will continue to play house and I will make those things happen. I won’t be perfect. Ever.

Do you enjoy “playing house?” What do you do to keep your head on straight?


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