Treating Mastitis Naturally: Part 2

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So first, what is mastitis? An infection of the breast tissue that results in breast pain, swelling, warmth and redness of the breast.

I read that if a breastfeeding woman thinks she has the flu, she probably has mastitis. And, just my luck, only about 10% of breastfeeding women get it 🙂 and usually within the first 3 months after the baby is born. But it’s no secret, I tend to develop some of the rare things that come along with pregnancy/breastfeeding. So fun.

At this point, my breast was VERY sore and hurt a lot, but was not substantially larger than the other. YET!

Throughout the weekend and the next 10 days, my body ached, I had chills, I never developed a fever (the main reason I never felt OVERLY concerned… fever can be a sign that it is getting worse, not better), and my right breast swelled up to about twice the size of the left one.

My right breast felt “hard” and was dark, dark red in places. It was so sore to the touch. I would cringe every time Elias hit it, even just barely. I couldn’t move. I could barely take care of my self, much less my children.

How do you get mastitis? You can get mastitis in several ways: not getting all the milk out, skipping feedings, blocked duct, infection through cracked nipples, stress, fatigue, anemia, weakened immunity, and more which you can read here.

While I may not know my direct cause, because frankly all moms have some of those symptoms and often, nevertheless, I got it, so it must be treated!

From what I could tell, it was treatable without antibiotics, although if not treated could get worse.

Just a word of advice:

Doctors DO NOT know everything. I am NOT advising to not contact a doctor, but simply suggesting you use your own common sense as well.”

Many things can be treated naturally, just as people used to do long before many of the drugs were developed. While it is amazing what doctors are able to do these days, we must remember some of these things come at a “cost” to our body.

My first instinct, with both myself and my family, is to treat naturally if possible. This also saves on doctor bills. We do not run to the doctor every time something comes up, but rather seek out natural remedies to treat our symptoms.

And I must add, I believe many of our decisions (more to be discussed later… much more research to put into that blog ;-)) are to be attributed to why both my children have been very healthy and rarely sick*!

*I am not referring to children who unfortunately are diagnosed with cancer or born with illnesses. 

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