Treating Mastitis Naturally: Part 1

This is my story; a hopeless woman, who almost gave up.

Friday, January 20, 2012… Conner had been bit by ants all over his feet the day before, and Elias had been running a temperature. I got up with two screaming children, who needed me to carry them.

I immediately noticed my back was hurting terribly. I took Advil to relieve some of the pain so I could survive the day with my poor, ill children. As the day carried on, I noticed I was feeling worse. My whole body was aching terribly and I began to get chills.

I had sent my husband a couple of texts by this point about the pain I was in. By the afternoon, I was bawling from my pain. The pain was so unbearable and I could no longer care for myself or my children, so I requested James come home.

As soon as he walked in the door I immediately went to bed. Curled up under the bedspreads I laid there from about 1:45 until 8:30 that night. Within that time, I woke up only to nurse, use the restroom, and vomit. Once I did finally get out of bed, it was only to go snuggle on the couch in living room to try to eat something.

By this point, we assumed the flu. James gave me medicine to try to help, but I felt very little relief. I went back to bed.

That night was horrible. Elias was sleeping next to me so I didn’t have to get up to feed him, but every time he touched me I was in terrible pain. My sweet husband finally got up with him and went to the living room to sleep the remainder of the night so I could rest more.

By the next morning I told him this did not seem like the flu. I had no major symptoms of the flu, other than my body aching terribly and chills. I also realized that my right breast was extremely sensitive to touch, yet the left side was just fine.

I began to research. I am pretty good at self diagnosing, and I refused for my husband to take me to the ER just to find out something silly like cold or flu. Also, if I was going to the ER it was going to be after I had diagnosed the problem ;-).

If you know me, you aren’t surprised by this stubbornness at all.

I called my husband in the room.

Read this. Doesn’t that make sense???”

Mastitis! I’ve heard of this, but had little knowledge as to what it would mean for me and how to treat it.

As I laid in bed in terrible pain, (although I did feel a LITTLE better once I knew what the problem was) I went to the internet for research. I called my mother-in-law, a former midwife. I called my midwife with Conner, Betty Winford from Special Beginnings. All of which provided different perspectives and lots of great advice! A wonderful friend of ours, who also happens to be a nurse, gave me some wonderful, natural advice throughout the weekend as well.

Part 2


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