Leading by Example

When I started this blog, I agreed to be open and honest to what God wanted me to do and what was going on in my life. After writing The Day the Lord Has Made, I realized I had not been specific in my writing. I was talking with a few friends about how the post came about, and they agreed this was something they struggled with too.

Since that discussion, I felt God leading me to be specific in my struggles and weaknesses. We have our faults and maybe we need to be more honest about them. As Christians, I believe it is important that we are reminded we aren’t in this alone. There are others who need accountability and struggle in the same areas.

I am going to be honest; there are things I avoid blogging about!

God, if I write about those things, then people will know! If I put it out there then I will have to change and work on it. Or, if I blog about it, then I may lose friends. What if they don’t agree with me? What if they get angry with me?…

What if instead, I trust you? What if someone hears something they need to hear? What if that is what I need in order to change? What if I stop worrying about what others think, and instead listen and follow your guidance? What might happen then?”

Ok, so Sunday morning, Pastor Jeff asked us to turn in our bibles to Titus. I picked up my husband’s Bible and turned. In this particular passage, he had written notes and highlighted and underlined. I was reminded of the days I used to sit and read God’s Word. The days I would make notes and really try to take in all I could from each scripture verse.

Although these are fond memories, they are also somewhat distant memories. I want my children to develop study habits very early. Habits of reading and truly understanding a verse. Habits of learning from God’s Word and what He wants for us.

Fortunately, my son has a children’s Bible that he loves! We have read it enough that he does “read” it to me. He points out the animals and says what they are and makes the noise. He knows Baby Jesus, and is starting to notice the difference in baby Moses and Jesus.

All that said, I want him to see true studying and devotion. I know God can do this is different ways, but I want my children to see that and know what it looks like. I need to make time to sit down and read the Bible, even if just for a few minutes. (And to step on some toes: not just on my Bible app! Our technology is wonderful, and reading this way is better than not reading at all, but I need to write notes and underline things for me!)

God has called me to care for my family. I know I am doing His work, but I’d be lying if I pretended I never had a moment to sit down to read a magazine (Above Rubies, All You, Mothering or other natural parenting mags) or get on the computer (obviously!) to read blogs like The Marathon Mom. I need to make time each day to pick up MY Bible and read and highlight. I need to set the example of what my priorities are. If all they see is me cleaning and worrying about the house and such, and not calming down in His Word, then I have somewhat failed them.

What areas do you need to work on to teach your children Godly habits? Or how have you made this fit in to your busy schedule?


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