The Day the Lord Has Made

This is the day that the Lord has made! Yes: late nights, early mornings, peaceful nights, crying all night, happy children, fights with toddler to get dressed, arriving early or leaving late, unorganized, completely prepared, in the know, absolutely clueless, fighting with spouse, totally in love and happy…

I want to remember this is THE day! It doesn’t matter what’s happening, He is there and ready!

So I know this will be a shock (yeah right!), but I don’t always show my children how to have a good devotional life. I don’t always stop and take the time to read and meditate on the verses as long as I should.

This morning, during service, I felt a bit of a conviction from God. I’m quick to say…

Man, I wish my parents would have developed this habit (such as eating veggies) in me when I was growing up. Then it would come naturally to me.”

Oh my! Isn’t it like us to blame?!? My parents did what they could and what they thought best at the time.

I could let this be an excuse, or worse, turn in to anger, but instead, God spoke to me and said, “learn from your past!” If I wish it was a habit I had started when I was child, then I need to develop that habit for my children!

This again places such an importance on me as a mom! And what a blessing that God thinks I can handle this. That I am worthy! Wow! How humbling!

I know, just about anybody can be a parent; well anyone can conceive a child, but being a parent means so much more, especially as a Christian. I have the responsibility to develop strong Christian habits in my children.

We all have strong and weak areas. God knows that! He created us that way, and for good reason! What if we all had the gift of being a prayer warrior? We all spent lots and lots of time in prayer for others? Then who would go out and do His work?

I know we are all supposed to be in prayer AND do His good work, but my point is that some gifted areas are stronger than others! He sends some, while others pray for those who are sent!

Anyways, as a mom, I know I’m not perfect! Some things I naturally teach my children and develop those habits because those are my gifts, but there is a huge importance placed on getting into His word and praying!

I think I have a special gift of prayer in that I do it sometimes unintentionally, but I need to teach this to my children and explain it to them. They cannot learn good habits (like being in a “constant” state of prayer) unless I teach it to them. It’s different from making time to read His word. They can see that, but others are more difficult!

I am so thankful that God always shows me ways to improve. I love it! I try not to look at it as a downfall but rather a way to grow! I’m not going to lie, I strive to be perfect, despite it’s impossibleness, but I’m no fool: I’ll NEVER be perfect! So, in this day that the Lord has made, I’ll just strive to GROW!

What are your strengths? Where can you grow?


6 thoughts on “The Day the Lord Has Made

  1. One thing I always did when my children were young was to pray for their little hurts, scrapes, scratches, etc. during the day. We would take time to bow our heads and hold hands and ask Jesus to help the hurt feel better. I think it is so important to teach them to turn to Jesus first, the medicine cabinet second (if at all needed). Great post, Tif. I’m a few behind due to work load, but trying to catch up now.

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