My Plan for Progress: Menu-Planning (for me: the picky eater)

I know what you are thinking… she messed up her goal of a blog every other day! Yes I did. And I might as well admit, it’s not the only goal I’ve not hit regularly. I knew this was going to be a slow process, but I am pushing forward and taking each day one at a time.

God is taking me on a journey. Wow, what a ride it has been! Not only has He been changing my mindset the last year or so, but He has shown me a lot in this blog, too.


Admission: Sat down to menu plan last week and ended the night in tears! I honestly fear cooking sometimes (although… I’ve found I am pretty good at it, and I do actually have fun most of the time!) and planning out healthier meals. My husband had a mini-stroke a few weeks ago and found out he has high cholesterol. It is my responsibility to make sure my family is taken care of. They will eat what I prepare for them, so I NEED to make wiser choices.

Goal: Always have a menu planned and have healthier options on the table. I have started menu planning, but sometimes I get off and this just messes me up and causes us to make unwise choices at dinner or by eating out.

Plan: Use Cozi Meals to keep my recipes and menu. I intend to take the next 2-3 months and try out different recipes until I can set up an 8-12 week schedule that I use regularly. I’m also not a huge fan of veggies so I’m learning to hide great nutrition in some of my yummy favorites!

I am guilty of making “easy” meals, with very little nutritious value! This is of course because I did not learn to cook or to enjoy food that is healthy for me. I have added some vegetables to my list of “foods I can eat without gagging,” but most are still not on my “I love” list.”

Schedule: This is just a general list of things I have recently been putting into, or am about to put into my family menu. On my menu, I also include “left-overs” days. Most of these are from The Sneaky Chef, but I will be on the lookout for other great finds over the next several weeks.



  • Tuna could sneak in some stuff
  • Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich
  • Salad
  • Ham and Turkey Sandwich




Well, that is a lot to choose from. Obviously I won’t need that many desserts since I do not make them often and they last a few days, but now I have some healthier options to choose from.

What healthy recipes do you have for the picky eater?


2 thoughts on “My Plan for Progress: Menu-Planning (for me: the picky eater)

  1. Im very glad to hear that the recipes that call for sneaking in healthy ingredients are actually good. Even for people who like veggies, you can never have to many! So putting them into recipes where you wouldn’t normally find them I think is great!
    Also for a healthy dessert, or side option, you could make a fruit salad w/ lots of fruit options 🙂 I love fruit salads!

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