My Plan for Progress: Keep House in Order

Ok… so this mom: clearly not perfect! Shocked?!? You shouldn’t be! I make mistakes all the time. Like when I planned out my next three months and COMPLETELY forgot Elias’ birthday!!! HORRIBLE!!! I got caught up in planning activities for my family each Saturday, that I did not pay close attention to the date. Rest assured that we are planning something very special for our dear sweet Elias. He was born on February 10, 2011 at only 1lb 12oz. I intend to have a special celebration involving the nurses and everything! Look for more information to come.”

Keep House in Order

Goal: Schedule to keep the house in order (especially to avoid my husband having to help any when he gets home). I also want to add… GET RID OF STUFF!

Plan: Put schedule in my Cozi calendar and have them send me a reminder each day. In addition to the schedule, I am going to do a load of laundry every day (or at least every other day, as needed). This will keep the clothes from piling up.

Schedule: As you remember, I already had this planned out, but as usual, we must adjust! I always remind myself that change is ok! Rather than becoming upset that my plan didn’t work out perfectly the first time, I am going to adjust accordingly and try again next week! Here is the new schedule for my house!

By the way, this really is for me :)! Having a clean home makes me super happy! I know it may never be perfect, especially when I feel like everyone else’s goal is to destroy my plan ;-), but I will aim as best as I can. Also, having things in their place, means we get to enjoy them and know exactly where they are when we want them. I get frustrated when I know I have something that I want or need, but have NO IDEA where it is! I also get frustrated over the amount of STUFF we have! We have more than we need, so we are going to donate!”


  • Clean Both Bathrooms
  • Clean Bathroom and Closet Floors


  • Clean Kitchen
  • Vacuum Living/Front Room and Clean Kitchen Floor
  • Change out Scentsy


  • Clean Dining Rooms
  • Wash Toys
  • Dust
  • Find at least one thing to get rid of


  • Clean Bedroom
  • Vacuum Bedroom Floor
  • Change out Scentsy
  • Menu Plan

I needed to adjust this based on activities that take place throughout our week; for instance, my husband has some friends over on Monday evenings and the kitchen is always a mess afterwards. Cleaning the kitchen on Monday, and then needing to scrub it down again Tuesday did not help my sanity! Of course, the kitchen will always need touch-ups after meals and such, but this is more of a deep clean!

I feel certain this will not be the last time I need to adjust, but I am excited to stick as close to this plan as possible.

Another thing I am discovering on this journey, I may not get to clean everything to perfection, but each week I can get to something I missed from the week before. If it’s not perfect… THAT IS OK!!!!!

What cleaning schedule works best in your house?


4 thoughts on “My Plan for Progress: Keep House in Order

  1. This seems like a lot of stress over planning. Do you really find it helps to plan out what you’re going to clean? …Instead of just doing it as needed? Just a question!

    • Honestly, I’ve found that without a plan I either never do it, or only do it after it has reached the point of disgust! I know that sounds awful, but that’s what I do. This gives me a plan and if I miss it one day, oh well, but if I don’t plan at all, then I don’t get to most of it. Laundry has to happen and the kitchen drives me crazy, but I LOVE having a plan and a goal to aim for everything else.

  2. I feel much better when my house is clean.I know when i had small children that did not happen often though.Just always remember cleaning never ends but quality time w /your children does…way too fast.I think it is good that you have plans but just don’t lose sight of what is most important.I know you won”t!!Good luck:}

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