My Plan for Progress: Get Out of the House

My Pastor’s first message of the New Year was so very appropriate and spoke straight into what God had laid on my heart. He told us we needed to plan for progress. Without a plan, we are less likely to succeed at our goals.

OK. So I am beginning a series: My Plan for Progress! I am going to walk through some of my goals for the New Year and make a plan to be successful at them.

To help me with success, I use the Cozi calendar!

I feel certain I have already mentioned and the amazing app they have available, but I want to state, if I haven’t already, how WONDERFUL the calendar is! My husband and I are working hard at using this regularly. Everything is on my phone and my computer. If I lose my phone, I do not lose my calendar!

Having said all that, I will be using the calendar regularly to help me keep up with my goals. For instance, I put my daily housecleaning schedule in for each day and set it to happen every week. It then sends me a reminder each day of what to clean.

So now that you know how I’m going to remember everything, here goes…

Get Out of the House


  • More outings with the boys. Schedule park time, museum time (esp now that we have a membership!), library, etc.
  • Make Saturdays family days! Go out for picnics, tents in the backyard, walks around the neighborhood. Plan these events each month and make it a casual day with a lot of relaxation! This needs to be our day of rest since we work at the church all day on Sundays.
Plan: Schedule activities and put them on the calendar. Once on the calendar, we are less likely to reschedule and more likely to remember.
  • Tues 10th – Picnic at Park (weather permitting)
  • Fri 13th – Library
  • Sat 14th – Stay up late and watch the stars. Make some microwave s’mores and hot chocolate/apple cider.
  • Mon 16th – MLK Volunteer Activity with Family (found on
  • Fri 20th – Nature and Science Museum
  • Sat 21st – Draw a mural together on the sidewalk with chalk and go for a walk around the neighborhood.
  • Tues 24th – Picnic at Park (weather permitting)
  • Fri 27th – Library
  • Sat 28th – As a family, make homemade cards for the next holiday and for upcoming birthdays.
  • Fri 3rd – Nature and Science Museum
  • Sat 4th – As a family, bake a cake or delicious dessert from scratch.
  • Tues 7th – Picnic at Park (weather permitting)
  • Fri 10th – Library
  • Sat 11th – Start our family garden.
  • Fri 17th – Nature and Science Museum
  • Sat 18th – Work a puzzle together as a family.
  • Tues 21st – Picnic at Park (weather permitting)
  • Fri 24th – Library
  • Sat 25th – Make a fort of bed sheets. Camp out in the family room for a fun pajama party.
  • Fri 2nd – Nature and Science Museum
  • Sat 3rd – Lay down a blanket and watch the clouds.
  • Tues 6th – Picnic at Park (weather permitting)
  • Fri 9th – Library
  • Sat 10th – Visit the Planetarium at the museum.
  • Fri 16th – Nature and Science Museum
  • Sat 17th – Work on flower bed as a family.
  • Tues 20th – Picnic at Park with Family (weather permitting)
  • Fri 23rd – Library
  • Sat 24th – Plant more in our family garden.
  • Fri 30th – Nature and Science Museum
  • Sat 31st – Take a nature hike with the family.
Wow! That looks like A LOT! Well I would rather have too much planned than nothing at all!
What do you like to do outside the house with your family?

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