From the Heart…

For some time now, I have been convicted of my actions both as a wife and a mom. When James and I first married, September 8, 2007, I constantly felt as though I was not a good enough wife.

Was I cleaning well enough? He’s doing most, if not all, of the cooking… does this bother him? How will I learn to cook? Why doesn’t he want to cuddle at night? He clearly doesn’t love me! I am not joking… this is how I felt! Am I doing enough for him… in bed??? Funny story about this for another time. Should I wait on him more? What is my role as a wife and his as a husband??? etc. etc. etc.

I really stressed over this the first year or two… pre-kids. Who am I kidding? I still stress over this. Anyone who knows me, will know I stress too much. Not only does everything have to be perfect, but it has to be perfect to everyone else.

So guess what!!! I have it all figured out now! I am an expert! HA! Yeah, right… maybe at finally realizing that it will NEVER be perfect. Maybe that I will NEVER be able to please everyone! Things can never be perfect because that is all based on perception.

Over the last year, God has really taken my life and changed my heart. Many of the ideas and beliefs were already there. A distant thought in the back of my mind. He has taken those ideas and forced me to form true convictions about how I interact with both my husband and my children. He has laid this blog on my heart and I have finally opened up to this journey. I pray He guides my words.

As a forewarning, I am NOT perfect. I am not claiming to be perfect. This blog is meant as much for me as it is for you, if not more. Be open with me on the process. God may speak things to us that we may not want to hear. I know He has been showing me a lot through friends, families, magazines, blogs and more this last year. Many of the suggestions were difficult for me to hear (and continue to be so)… as I used to “preach” feminism and all my rights as a woman. I have had many life changes as I go from equal rights to God’s advice.

I pray God uses it for each of us and to encourage us through His eyes.

Welcome to our journey…


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